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Proof That Home Schooling Kids is The New-Age of Teaching

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Back in the day when we all were rushed out of our beds each morning; bathed and fed, and dressed for school- didn’t we cringe and wish that there would be a day when school could be at home? Maybe we weren’t lucky back then, but these days, we have homeschooling and parents across the world are opting for the same- ensuring more success for their little ones, academic wise and with better results too. So why is homeschooling so important and so successful, let’s take a look!

Don’t burn out your kids please

Don’t we know the perils of a burnout or stress? We do right? Would you want that to happen to your little ones? As parents we want the best, and this is why experts also agree on homeschooling, where there isn’t too much systematic and structured timings to follow- more free time for the little ones to delve in sans the burnout happening on a day to day basis. More extra curricular activities to enhance their educational skills, mental skills and motor skills too- isn’t that great?

Kids need family time too

If you thought family time was for adults only; you were wrong. Kids too need to spend time to bond with their parents and the family at large. Eight hours a day at school can burn the kid out mentally and physically, and then they don’t want to communicate at home, because they are exhausted. Cannot blame the little ones, now can we for not being social with the family? Homeschooling allows for intimate bonding with kids, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Sports and outdoor fun

Kids need to be out there, playing in the mud, getting their immune systems all strong and ready; homeschooling allows time for the same. There are enough places, avenues and classes for the kids to join and indulge in sports. Kids in sports make better leaders, are more disciplined and can manage challenges ahead, better than kids that aren’t into sports. Homeschooling allows time for the same! Initiate their sporty journey by buying for some aesthetically pleasing, sweat-proof and uber-classy sportswear at Nike store.

Better health because of more sleep

By the time the child at home finishes his homework and gets to have dinner, it is time for him to sleep and snooze. But would he? He cannot, because the brain is still overactive, the body is still aching and he just cannot find the respite he needs to fall into slumber. Lack of sleep means poorer health ahead, and this is what you do not want happening to your little one? With homeschooling, he can sleep a little more, and wake up fresher; at home you can schedule your own time to teach and disperse information!

More independence

With more independence comes greater responsibility; kids need to learn the art of being responsible. Homeschooling teaches the kid just that; finish your assignments on time, whether you do it in an hour or a day- you lag behind and lose out on your own learning. Homeschooling helps the kid plan their own schedule, timings, classes and more; sans burning out the kid mentally.

We hope you reconsider the decision of a boarding or a conventional schooling system and think of homeschooling!

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