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Pregnancy Tips for Women Living with HIV

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HIV is a virus known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus which attacks the immunity system of a person. This immunity system protects our bodies from various diseases naturally but HIV attacks those cells making our immunity system vulnerable. Getting a positive result of HIV can be very devastating for men and women alike. While many people get into depression, there are many others who seek medical help. This news could be very shattering for women who are pregnant or want to start their family life.

People generally feel that the virus is passed on from the mother to the baby but now with the advancement in medical science, the babies are born very healthy and of course free from virus.

Let us share some of the tips for a safe and healthy pregnancy of a HIV Infected mother

  1. Understanding HIV and its complication is one thing that people must do before planning to conceive. It is greatly possible to have a child without passing on the virus and this is due to the advancement in the HIV treatment. Get the appropriate treatment plan for your health so that risk of HIV transmission during the pregnancy could be reduced.
  2. Get in touch with obstetricians who have an experience in handling similar cases. They can share useful information and tips so that you and your baby are at minimum or no risk. Seek advice and help and start the HIV treatment as early as you can.
  3. Make sure that you continue the antiretroviral therapy as per the routine. Take advice from your doctor as he may change a few medications so that any kind of harm to the baby could be avoided. Let your baby be your motivation to take medicines in right quantity and right time. This would increase the chances of the baby’s survival.
  4. Focusing on your health is very important so eat right. Make sure that you are providing all the essential nutrients to your growing baby. These nutrients prepare the mother’s body to bear the labor and delivery pain. Doctors may advice you some prenatal vitamins and folic acid pills. These are extremely helpful for the well-being of the baby and the mother.
  5. Adopting a positive mindset is very important. Though conceiving during HIV is considered high in risk that’s why it is better to adopt a positive mindset. Talk to your partner about the stress you are going through and just fill your mind with thoughts of your baby. Believe and know that you and your baby will be hale and hearty.

HIV Positive women can surely have hale and hearty HIV-Negative kids. Understanding HIV much in advance would help the mother immensely. Also surround yourself with people who love and support your decision and want to see you succeed. In some countries you need to carry on antiretroviral treatment for your entire life whereas in some countries, regular tests are done to assess your condition to see if you need to carry it on for the lifetime or not.

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