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Potty Training Tips and Tricks-Help!

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So my little guy just turned 2 this month and I'm starting to think about the dreaded potty training. I've heard it's harder to train boys and I'm not really looking forward to this particular journey of parenthood. I would love to hear your tips and tricks for potty training. I'll tell you what I have planned so far.

1. I got him big boy underwear, a little potty, and a cool book about Daniel Tiger using the potty (it even has a button you can push to hear a flush sound).

2. We've shown him the big potty and let him see how Mom and Dad use it.

3. I plan to take him every two hours, if he's dry I'll have him sit with a book, tablet, or fun toy to see if he will go.

4. If he goes I'll reward him with a sticker or fun snack.

I would like to know more about how you get your child to tell you they have to go, when can they hold it through nap time, and overnight. Any other tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated as well.

PS-I don't want to by any self help books or 3 day potty training method DVDs. Thanks!

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