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Plastic Surgeries addiction and its results

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While some celebrities do some touch-ups to refresh their look, others have become addicted and have made disasters on their face getting worse than before. In order to obtain an almost perfect appearance, many celebrities decide to undergo cosmetic surgeries that do not always turn out well. Basically, one can say the classic examples of plastic surgery gone wrong.

While some celebrities do some tweaks to refresh their look, others have become addicted and have made disasters. Their pretty faces under the scalpel gave chilling results.

The list is long, but here we show some of the famous plastic surgery addicts who damaged some area of their body, in most cases, their faces.

Courtney Cox: The actress known for her role as Monica in the popular series Friends, is one of the stars that abused the touches.

Cher: The American singer confessed a few years ago that she had done about twenty operations throughout the body.

Melan Griffith: The actress has spent throughout her career for several operations- Cheekbones, nose and lips among others.

Donatelle Versace: The case of the designer is a clear example of a poorly performed cosmetic surgery.

Renée Zellweger: The sudden change of Zellweger, one of the few actresses who have won the four most important awards of cinema. He surprised many with their radically different looks.

Meg Ryan: The actress has also shown the transformation that has suffered her face after going through the operating room.

Tori Spelling: The actress openly admitted to People magazine in the year 2000 to have operated the nose. "I admit I had nose surgery, but that's all."

Nicole Kidman: The actress underwent a treatment with Botox and went through the operating room as well.

Kim Kardashian: The star of reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashian” admitted that he has implanted Botox and even allowed them to film one of the sessions to broadcast it on his show.

Lindsay Lohan: The actress and singer, with only 29 years, looks much more because of the misplaced life that leads and the abuse of surgeries.

Pamela Anderson: His fondness for the scalpel led the actress and model to go through the operating table repeatedly.

This is just an insight to one of the most popular and noticeable plastic surgery gone wrong cases in Hollywood. People want to look perfect these days and thus, the surgeries have become a norm these days. It has not only impacted their lives but also prompted the general population to opt for surgeries and aesthetic makeovers without thinking of the consequences in long run.

We do not talk against the surgeries as there has been a long list of successful surgeries that converted the patient into picture perfect person. However, addiction of anything is bad and surgeries and perfection for looks is not different. Think twice before taking such a step. Check out the long list of plastic surgeries failures to understand a bit more!

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