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Parents, Credit Repair Isn’t Easy But It’s Always Worth It

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Everyone wants a good healthy credit score throughout their life. No one consciously tries to lower their FICO score to an unhealthy level. But, just like physical health, there are many accidents and bad habits that can lower the health of your credit report and leave you open to all sorts of financial ills and embarrassing symptoms.

Maxing out your credit card(s) and then not keeping up on the minimum payments is a sure-fire way to decimate your FICO score. Bankruptcy, even when morally and financially justified, is deadly to your credit health. Unpaid student loans; back child support; back taxes -- the list goes on and on. And on top of all that, companies like Experian, which are the arbiters of your credit score, are under little obligation, either moral or legal, to correct mistakes or even perform due diligence on your credit score. This is especially true for “open accounts with late payments.” This is by far the hardest derogatory mark on your credit report to fix. This means that when you go to buy a car, or purchase a house, or need to refinance, or even when you apply for many different types of jobs, the pallor and degradation of your FICO score is going to adversely affect your quality of life in a big way.

In the face of bad credit health, many people feel helpless and unable to do anything about it. They flounder about, trying all sorts of dicey nostrums suggested by friends and family, or just stumbled upon on the internet. And sometimes they just flee and try to go underground, go off the grid, even assume a new identity, in order to escape the consequences of their unsound credit choices and accidental late payments. But experts all agree: You can delay the day of reckoning on an ailing FICO report, but you can never reverse the results of your own credit decisions. They will hound you and stick to you like glue for the rest of your life.

So IS there a solution to this plague of bad credit reports? The answer is -- Yes! But, just like a serious physical illness, it can’t be done alone. Credit health experts must be called in to resuscitate your credit report, to remove as many late payment blemishes as possible.

A professional company such as can intervene between you and your creditors to help clear up misunderstandings, mistakes, and late payment reports. Unlike traditional credit repair, they deal directly with the creditor where immediate results can take place. When you’re in a “credit emergency”, this can be a vital key to getting your credit back on track fast.

They have been in the business of professional and legal credit repair for the past 17 years. They are so confident they can help you in most unhealthy credit situations that they have an iron-clad money-back guarantee -- if they can’t help your credit situation improve, they will not charge you one thin dime.

Their staff includes financial experts, accounting specialists, and accredited/certified legal counsel -- all dedicated to seeing that you get a fair shake from all your creditors and that any and all reporting mistakes are immediately rectified, and viable payment agreements are drawn up between you and all your creditors. They can arrange an escrow service, which is not standard procedure for any other credit repair organization. By dealing directly with the creditor, not third-party credit bureaus, they can ensure you receive expedited results. Lateremoval guarantees express service in clearing up blemishes on your credit report -- often in as little as 48 hours.

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