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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Organizing a 5 Year-old's Birthday Party - Top 5 Hacks

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Parenthood is the greatest joy in one’s lifetime. We start to celebrate it from the day our children are born and we never stop being festive about their existence. Every little milestone in kids’ life deserves to be celebrated: from first step and first tooth to driver’s license and graduating college. A fifth birthday party is very special, because the kids are young enough to enjoy the little and imaginative things, yet old enough to remember this experience. It is no wonder that parents try so hard to throw the best birthday party ever for their five year-old’s. We have to be careful though, if we focus the most of our attention to the organization, we might end up forgetting the most important person of the day – our newly aged five year-old. If you want to keep the two in balance, here are the only five organizational hacks you’ll need.


Make up a guest list

The number of the guests will determine how and where you will throw the party. If you are planning on inviting more than half of classmates, it is best to go for all of them (boys and girls). Make sure that your kid’s best friend is free the day of the party, because his/her absence would really dishearten your child. Take into account the nature of activities you are planning and the number of adults in charge of supervising the kids.

Decide when and where

Now that you have your guest list, think about it: Is your house big enough to host so many guests? Are you entirely sure that you want kids running around close to your china and expensive appliances? Can you do it in the backyard? Or will you decide for a community center, game room or some other rented space? As for the time of the day, choose the period when the little ones aren’t too sleepy or too hungry – after nap or lunchtime will work fine.

Come up with a theme

Setting up a theme will help you decide about the invitations, decorations, food and games, so better do that at the very beginning. Five is not a small number, and at this age your kid will already know their likes and dislikes. Luckily, almost every cartoon, book or comic book a kid can like has its audience today, so it won’t be too hard to find all sorts of birthday-related trinkets, from fun finding Dory party supplies to Superman birthday cake.


Have foods and favors

The first (and possibly the only) rule about five year-old’s birthday party food is that it should be something that doesn’t cause stains. No ketchup on the shirt – no worries for mamma. It would also be handy if the snacks could be eaten on-the-go, because, knowing them preschool kids won’t stop running (and falling) around for the rest of the day. Food can be matched with the theme, and so can party favors (a Superman comic books for everyone?).

Plan games and entertainment

Even if you are planning on hiring a party entertainer, you should have in mind that not all kids will enjoy these activities equally and that the entertainer probably won’t stay there for the entire party. Therefore, you should come up with games and prepare toys. Five year-old’s usually enjoy making things (e.g. play dough), and only once they are fully accustomed to the crowd, they can have fun with more interactive games, such as musical chairs, obstacle course, etc.

Remember, regardless of all the little things that you’ll find annoying in the process of organization, this party should be an enjoyable occasion for everyone: the guests, you and especially your little one, who will cherish that day as one of his/her first and favorite memories.

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