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Challenge: Cabin Fever

Occupied Mind and Living in the Present Moment

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Today is a brand new day – one that has never happened before, one that never repeated. Now is a new moment. In addition, in this new moment, you have a choice. Moreover, on this choice depends your personal development. You are the one who chooses the thoughts that you are paying attention to just now.

Are those thoughts simply random? Perhaps, they are negative thoughts. Are they related to what you should be doing at this moment in time? Are they positive thoughts (better than negative thoughts but thoughts nevertheless). The thoughts you focused on are stopping you. Stop wasting your energy, discard your thoughts, and leave space for the flights of fancy to surface – for they are not thoughts, but inspiration and inspiration only comes to the clear minded.

In addition, in the present moment, you have a choice about your behavior and actions (more often reactions) too. In addition, depending on your choice, you can quite literally change your life. How much energy have you simply squandered already today? How much time have you frittered away sitting in front of your laptop

Staring blankly? How much of your vital energy have you spent gossiping about and delighting in the misdeeds or misfortune of others? Bet you that you have misspent some precious time shuffling you are “To Do” list until there’s no time left to do! Or how much of your energy have you miss-invested in doing things you basically shouldn’t be doing – like browsing the internet for things that have nothing to do with anything important, reading emails that were copied to you to cover someone’s backside, wading through the sordid details of domestic violence that fill our daily newspapers? Each moment you squander is a moment you will never live again. Moreover, what we achieve in our lives is the sum total of how we spend each precious moment.

At the very least, in asking yourself some of these questions you might begin to understand just how much of your time is spent on doing things that are holding you back from living the life that you want. However, you are aware off these energy-wasters. There is something even worse going on. What you do not know is how much energy you are wasting. Because, unless your subconscious mind is engrossed in profitable activity in the present moment, it is still happily living in your childhood years, thinking that your childhood events are actually happening now – and you’ve no idea whatsoever that this is even happening. This waste of energy distances us all from the opportunities of the now, from the reality of the now, from the abundance of the now.

Therefore, this is what it all boils down. Do you want to live a better life? Then ask yourself if what you are doing now, in the context of what you truly want out of life, is the very best investment of your energy. If it is not, do not do it.

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