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New Years Resolution: Get Better at DIY Projects in 2018

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I’m a property owner; and often follow the same unfortunate pattern when I discover damage in my concrete driveway, or any number of small household problems. It might be a sidewalk, a drain, or a foundation. But wherever it is noticed, my husband and I almost invariably will think “Oh, that’s just a small problem. It won’t get any larger, so I can just ignore it.”

Of course, damage to concrete areas exposed to the elements, meaning outside, always become larger and deeper. It may take only weeks or months to happen, or it may take a year or two. And that’s typically when the entire surface needs to be replaced, at a huge cost in time and money. The longer we wait to repair outside cracks and splits, the greater the possibility a visitor or customer will trip or otherwise injure themselves, and thus leaves us liable for damages – a guaranteed way to increase insurance rates. Not a very reassuring scenario, is it?

Why do homeowners procrastinate repairing damage in their outdoor concrete areas? For us, it’s usually because we think that it will be too difficult, too messy, and too time consuming. So we let it slide. But this year, 2018, that did not have to be the case!

When our neighbors told us about their experience using the advanced concrete repair bucket from ART Concrete Solutions, my husband and I were skeptical at first. Unsightly and unsafe damaged concrete areas can be repaired in minutes, instead of days, they said.

So we decided this would be the perfect way to work on our 2018 resolution to be better at DIY projects.

Here’s a picture of our damaged area before:


We literally just followed the directions on the bucket, and because of our unconquerable desire to be do-it-yourselfers this year (and also because the directions were about a 2-minute read) this is what we ended up with.


Not bad for a couple of technophiles from the burbs, right?

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