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Natural ways to optimize your growth hormone – Pep up your energy levels

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As per a recent study that was published in the journal Mechanisms of Aging and Development, the ‘anti-aging’ impact of high-intensity training was confirmed yet again. There is a phenomenon called Telomere shortening which occurs when you start aging but the factors which drive you into this state is still not understood. The study results suggest that there is a direct relation between decreased chances of telomere shortening during your old age and high-intensity exercises.

But high intensity exercises also boost the production of human growth hormone or the HGH. Another study found out that intensity of exercise above the threshold of lactate which is done for minimum 10 minutes can become a great stimulus to secrete HGH. can inform you about the different exercises that you can practice in order to increase your growth hormone levels. To educate yourself on the natural ways of boosting your hormone levels, here are few points you may consider.

  • Get more hours of sleep
  • Don’t eat 2-3 hours before your time of sleep
  • Intermittent fasting is recommended
  • Shed those extra pounds

Did you know that 70-80% of your body’s HGH production occurs when you’re sleeping for more than 7 hours a day? If you want to get best results, you have to make sure you get peaceful, sound and re-energizing sleep everyday. You may leverage a cooling mask which can trick your body to produce more Melatonin and let you sleep better. Avoid taking caffeine after 4 pm as no coffee, soda, tea or other energy drinks will let you sleep properly.

Do you wish to keep your levels of insulin as low as you can before going off to sleep so that you can let your body produce more HGH while sleeping? Remember that less human growth hormone is produced when insulin levels are high and the vice versa. However, don’t confuse blood sugar and insulin as limiting your blood sugar levels by avoiding sugary foods has nothing to do with HGH but it helps in burning fat.

Did you know that the longer you fast or the more time you go without eating anything that causes your body to release insulin, the more will be the amount of HGH produced within your body? During a study done, HGH increased by 1300% in women and 2000% in men who fasted everyday. Intermittent fasting can also burn fat.

If you’re overweight, it goes without mentioning that you’re more likely to have higher insulin levels. By now, your body might have become resistant to insulin which implies that it doesn’t take any effort of eliminating any excess insulin. More insulin will mean less production of HGH and hence you can lose weight in order to allow your body to produce more human growth hormone levels. Avoid processed and sugary foods as much as possible.

Therefore, if you’re eager to boost your HGH levels, you can follow the above mentioned points and also perform few regular exercises to keep your body metabolism rate high.

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