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Mother of the Bride Dress Ideas

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Every mother with a little girl dreams of the day she will see her daughter walk down the aisle on her wedding day. When it comes to dresses, your daughter will be the center of attention with her beautiful wedding gown. As the woman who raised the beautiful bride, you should wear a beautiful dress to witness her special day.

You have to choose the best outfit to suit the occasion, even if it means investing in a dress that you will never wear again. The memories of the day are totally worth the investment. Before you go out shopping for your dress, consult with your daughter first and know her preferences. It is her big day, and her opinion is the most important. She might have distinct colours that she would love you to dress in. After getting her suggestions, the next step is to hit the store and find the most suitable outfit. Below are some mother of the bride dress ideas to help you make the right choice.

Flattering but not too sexy

As a woman, it is best to dress in outfits that flatter your body, especially for such occasions as a wedding. However, don’t go for something that is too sexy and revealing, or something that will overshadow your daughter. Choose something that looks classy on you and gives you that dignity as the mother of the bride.

Dress based on the theme and venue of the wedding

When you go shopping, keep in mind the theme of the wedding. If your girl is having a beach wedding, then go for summer style dresses. If it’s a formal wedding, a conservative dress with less sparkle would be appropriate. If there will be a church service, then you can go for an outfit that has an accompanying jacket. Ensure that you consider the weather and religious customs of your dress. Choose something that is appropriate to avoid creating embarrassing moments during your daughter’s wedding.

Choose comfortable fabric and designs

The wedding will likely be packed with a lot of guests, relatives, colleagues and your daughter’s friends that you have never met will be in attendance. A lot of socializing happens at weddings, and thus you should wear an outfit that is comfortable enough to walk around as you mingle with the guests. Don’t forget there will be dancing too. The party can extend long into the night, so choose a dress that will be comfortable to wear for long hours.

Colour choices

The colour of the dress is also important. If your daughter has suggested a specific colour, then you should definitely abide. Your dress should never be the same color as the wedding dress. You can, however, dress to compliment the bridesmaids’ dresses. If they are wearing black, then silver or grey would be a great choice. Bold colours and flashy shades can draw too much attention to you so they’re best avoided. You don’t want to take the attention away from your daughter at her wedding.

Shop at a specialty outlet

If you are having a hard time making a choice, consider shopping at a specialty outlet. Visit a shop that specializes in wedding attire and ask for recommendations from professionals. The professionals will help you pick a dress based on the theme of the wedding and your body type.

You can choose to go shopping with the mother of the groom. Doing so ensures that you buy dresses that complement each other. It is also a great experience for the two of you to bond. Also, shop for your dress at least two months in advance so that you get enough time to place special orders and request for alterations if you are not satisfied. Shopping early gives you more time to compare different designs and colors before you buy.

Another option is an online supplier. You can rent a dress from sites such as The Volte. The Volte has a great range of designer dresses at cheap prices for you to rent.

While this is your daughter’s day, and she deserves to be the star, there’s no reason you can’t look stunning yourself. Too often mothers invest their time and money in favour of their children and neglect their outfits for the day. Don’t make this mistake. It is your special day too, and with the right effort, you can ensure that both of you look amazing. Take your time to shop for something elegant that you will both love.

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