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Most Popular Website Builders to Create Your First Web for Parents’ Activities

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Technology has changed the way we live and conduct our daily chores. It has incorporated into our lives to such an extent that the performance of even the basic tasks has been modified accordingly. The virtual platform of World Wide Web has been ingrained in our lives. From shopping to banking and communicating, everything is available on it. With such acute dependence on the virtual platform, it is only natural that web browsers would want a reliable platform where they can create and build their websites.

There is no denying that our children spend a significant portion of their daily time using the internet. Even the parents rely on the online information to adopt the best ways to bring their children up. Web sites and online stores are trending in the market today. Moreover, with the recent site builder apps, creating a website is a piece of cake. You do not need any technical expertise or unique skills in hardcore coding. Just a basic knowledge about computers is enough. The simple, robust yet reliable platform, site builders offer users a set of cool tools and features for building websites of different nature. Read on to know more about the modern web development platforms that appeal to amateurs and professionals alike and will help in building a great website for parents’ activities.

WebSite X5

WebSite X5 Professional series generates pages in HTML, CSS 2.1 and CSS 3, whichever you are comfortable with. You get absolute control over the handling and customization of the application. The drag and drop interface is simply incredible; you can easily apply themes, insert images, add text and other graphics with just a click. A simple yet content rich website can easily be created which will impart useful information to all the parents out there.

Even if you want to incorporate e-commerce into the website, it can easily be done so with the help of WebSite X5. It also comes with an extensive range of templates and page layouts to choose from.

What sets it apart?

  • The online stores and websites you create are automatically integrated with your credit card for flexible monetary dealings
  • Users can create multiple web pages using a single account; you can also avail the bundled web hosting perks
  • The built-in search engine is a vast source of information and graphics
  • You can post podcast, vlogs and other interesting content on your blog as well
  • The platform supports multiple languages and is tailor made for international customers.


Squarespace is one of the sleekest, hippest web development platforms you will find online. Built for creating both personal blogs and professional e-marketing websites, the platform is user-friendly and very responsive. The wide range of customizable themes, graphics and integrations from Apple and SSL, the site builder can be operated by both experienced businessmen and amateurs. The latest version of Squarespace has some additional features such as Cover Page Builder, Getty Images, Google Apps for work. However, what sets the platform apart from its peers is the editor; here users can edit the content live without having to switch between the site builder and preview mode. So, you can easily add or subtract any piece of information on your parents’ activities website without going through any hassle.

What sets it apart?

  • The ad-free framework, smart SEO management tools and robust blogging platform for top-notch web solutions
  • Minimalistic and intuitive interface
  • A Beautiful collection of add-on features such as gallery widgets, social media widgets, and Google plug-ins.
  • Customizable form builder


WIX is one of the best website builders that allow you to create beautiful blogs, websites and online stores in a jiffy! Considered to be among the easiest and most powerful of web development applications, WIX offers unmatched e-commerce solutions for start-ups. It allows you to create clean or semantic URL for all pages thereby expanding the website’s functionality. Also, the platform supports more than 70 different categories of themes and templates to choose from. The intuitive drag and drop interface of WIX further enhances its user-friendliness. You build a page on WIX by selecting all the elements yourself giving you total control over the tiniest details of your website. Other than a 1000 different graphics in various shapes and designs, WIX even has its own App Market through which you can integrate files from other platforms. This will enable you to pull useful content from other websites or integrate your own website with a successful e-commerce platform, hence, becoming more useful for all the parents out there.

What sets it apart?

  • The ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence is a personalized assistant of sorts to help you manage your projects
  • Unique range of widgets and SEO tools to promote your content online
  • Create ad-free websites, get free web hosting and domain services


Do you want to create an online shopping platform for the parents too apart from the usual information being provided on the website? Shopify is you go-to site developer. This all-in-one e-commerce solution has been in business since 2009 providing top quality solutions for professionals and beginners alike. Now you can build mobile friendly stores as well, thanks to the cross-platform tools and editing features. The extensive archives provide access to some themes, images, layouts and other ready-made graphic content that can enhance the appeal of your site. It is very easy to set up, the one-click installation very similar to WordPress. Also, the flexible drag and drop interface saves a lot on time.

Given all the convenience provided by Shopify, one can easily create a well-developed and advanced e-commerce shopping platform for the parents where they can get a variety of useful products for their little ones.

What sets it apart?

  • The “buy button” functionality allows you to use Shopify as a Point of Sale (POI) or Inventory Option
  • Very secure, all the sensitive information is encrypted and integrated with PayPal
  • Allows faster screening of credit cards (separate payment gateway called Stripe)
  • Google tools analytics, plug-ins, and various widgets boost its functionality
  • Ability to tweak the HTML and CSS file content.
  • Blogging and CMS functionality


With over 180,000,000 users worldwide, WebNode is a leading player in the web development sector. The platform offers both free and paid site building solutions for web entrepreneurs to create their e-stores. The click and point editor is very easy to use, while the many templates and ready-made layouts enhance the look and feel of your website. The platform supports a broad range of businesses such as fashion blogs, retail stores, and online blogs. A drag and drop framework further boosts the usability; the main page is broken down into various segments that hold individual elements helping you create websites with specific preferences. The content widgets offer enough support to assist newbies to find their way around the platform so creating a parents’ activities website for the very first time won’t be a daunting task after all.

What sets it apart?

  • Some fantastic form building tools such as radio button, checkboxes, file uploads, date box, etc.
  • Includes a web sign-up feature with Mail Chimp and Constant contact.
  • The multilingual platform supports and helps international customers access your website.


If you are looking for something which is easy-to-use, offers a number of features, and will let you create a website which is simple yet useful, Jimdo is the perfect solution!

Jimdo is a platform best suited for creating personal blogs, websites, and webstores. The editor is built for beginners featuring a point and click operation for efficiently inserting the data. The style menu is an organized section that offers a systematic view of tools such as font, colour, and design. The SEO tools give you free reign over the page title, design, description and URL. A SSL-encryption makes the content secure from online threats. The Pro and Business packages offer free hosting and domain services.

What sets it apart?

  • The platform runs on Windows, Android, and IOS platforms
  • The flexible operation can manage the HTML and CSS coding as well.
  • Can create multilingual websites as the editor supports some languages.
  • Embedded YouTube, gallery and social media tools for enhancing the appeal and feel of the website
  • All-in-one e-commerce point that supports blogging, e-stores and form creation.

All these web development platforms have created an ease for all the amateurs who can continue with their dream businesses without needing to be expert in the field of web development. Also, people who aspire to become a reliable and renowned name in giving out useful parenting information can easily rely on these platforms to achieve their dream. Thus, a lot of help will also be created for the existing parents and parents-to-be.

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