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Marko Stout Riding The Waves Of Popularity, AGAIN!

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“The thing is, I grew up on pop art!”- Marko Stout

For the New York City, Marko Stout is the coolest and the most relevant artist of the town. This esteemed multimedia artist, based in New York is the favorite of the young millennial mass. Manhattan's most loved artist is popular for his gritty industrial popular at which focuses on the style of the modern urban life of the New York City.

His experimental avant-garde films, sculptures, and even aluminum prints are showcased at different exhibitions of the United States and even many countries of continental Europe. In his recent show in SoHo, he successfully caught the attention of many of his fans as well as many art collectors and made the people witness his much-awaited collection of the ‘Erotic Dreams' line.

The audiences were greeted by a seven-foot sculpture of a lady clad in leather along with white rabbit head. This sculpture was in fact, placed at the very entrance of the venue. There were also three huge LED television sets that were programmed to play an erotic video every 20minute, where one could witness a woman playing up herself until reaching up to the point of achieving a powerful orgasm.


The gallery guests were later enthralled to witness Marko Stout's powerful creations in the form of fiery and vibrant prints of aluminum which showcased attitude and carried Stout's relevant and deep message, viz., ‘free your mind,' ‘victim of the rule 'etc. Marko's few models were also witnessed to be visiting the exhibition wearing black rabbit masks on their head, speaking of their beloved artist.

When Marko was asked to explain the relevance of the erotic video along with the usage of lack rabbit mask, he answered saying - “it was a twist to the Alice in Wonderland theme, but n this case, Alice follows the deviant bunny to downtown New York- you know chasing rabbits.”


The reputation of Marko Stout spread among the art crowd of the elite class in a sporadic speed, over the past few years, with his several hit exhibitions under the belt. All of his works receive cult-like attention and his gen y, and gen z fans do not fail to compare him with the legends of pop art, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koon.

Marko's popularity, whenever he exhibits any of his creations, the media, be it of any kind, even social, explode with millions of buzz. The trends featured on each country of the world where admirers of Marko's works can be found in hundreds.

The artist giant of 1960s, Andy Warhol and today's Marko Stout, have one thing in common, and that creating a different world of eroticism for the youth generation. Marko’s works are so much deep and powerful that his works have been given a perfect place at the Miami’s Wyndham Modern Art Gallery.

New York’s SepiaEYE Gallery has got the opportunity to showcase Marko Stout’s notable works in the evening of the upcoming 6th July, right after the Independence Day. The exhibition is scheduled from 6 n the evening till 8 in the night.

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