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Marketing Experts Agree That Instagram Is The Best Social Network To Build Your Brand

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Marketing "experts" are quickly becoming a dime-a-dozen, according to Tyler Copier, founder of, a Salt Lake City-based company that specializes in Instagram Marketing.

“There are thousands of self-proclaimed experts out there, but you need a professional that knows your business and cares about your success,” said Copier. “Every business and organization is not the same, so a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is generally a bad idea.”

Likewise Marketing takes a rather unique approach to marketing, putting all of its eggs in the Instagram basket. "I've worked in traditional marketing as well as digital marketing, and there's simply no better marketing strategy than to build a following on Instagram," said Copier. "80% of sales typically come from returning customers, so you'll want to keep in touch with as many people as possible, frequently," said Copier. "Anytime you or your brand post something on Instagram, approximately 25% of your followers will see that post; that's a huge organic reach compared to every other social network."

Likewise Marketing treats Instagram like a tight-knit-community. “We believe that brands should treat Instagram more like a barbecue and less like a sales booth,” said Copier.

So how do you go about treating your Instagram followers as you would your neighbors at a Fourth of July barbecue? For Likewise Marketing it’s a simple equation. As Copier told it, Instagram was created for the users, and brands are eager to join the party. It’s still the mass public’s turf and you have to play by their rules. That means no spam and no hassling. Ride up to the party as a friend and create an emotional bond.


“After you’ve made friendships with these community members, then you can approach them for a sale,” said Copier.

The unique aspect of Likewise Marketing is quite simply that it treats its clients as individuals with different needs, varied goals and a specific DNA for engagement.

The Likewise Marketing team sits down with clients and drafts a customized Instagram blueprint. “We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. It is based in the client’s voice, not ours,” said Copier.

Once the blueprints are in order, Likewise Marketing takes the reigns, managing all aspects of a client’s Instagram presence. That includes posting on behalf of the client, and growing their followers list.


Through the entire process, Likewise Marketing keeps the lines of communication open with its clients. If the strategy needs to be adjusted, it’s adjusted. If a client wants to implement a contest or give-a-way, it’s implemented. Concerns are addressed, and an open dialogue is constantly present between Likewise Marketing and the companies it represents.

“Instagram is a growing marketing and advertising medium; it’s gone from nothing to what it is now in a short period of time,” said Copier. “Brands of all shapes and sizes are using Instagram—some more effectively than others—to increase their business.”

Likewise marketing currently has more than 50 clients, including national brands such as Lux Pro Flashlights and Flirty Aprons.

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