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Lessons to teach your children that will last a lifetime

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One thing that parents sometimes forget is that children are always watching and learning. Your actions and words teach them life lessons, even when you're not trying to teach anything.

Here are some simple lessons that your children will take along through life.

Teach your kids about money by saving money and teaching them to save money, not spending more than you earn, giving to those less fortunate, teaching them to balance a checkbook or keep up with debit card purchases, and paying cash.

Teach your kids good habits by having good habits yourself. Don't smoke, don't drink to excess, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, use good manners, speak kindly of others, follow driving rules, always wear a seat belt.

Teach your kids tolerance by accepting others who believe differently than you, not judging others, not indulging in gossip, showing patience to others.

Teach your kids the value of family by sharing meals together, spending time with grandparents and extended family, watching movies, going hiking, having fun together.

Teach your kids to cook simple and more complex meals, make special desserts, follow a recipe in a cookbook, set a table, host a dinner party, wash dishes.

Teach your kids about work by taking them to your job if allowed, talking about your work day, introducing them to your coworkers, telling stories about jobs you had when you were younger, working together in the yard.

Teach your kids to have fun by laughing with them, sharing funny jokes, playing board games, swinging on swings, dancing to music together, going to the park together, riding bikes.

Teach your kids to care about others by taking part in community service as a family, donating outgrown clothes, giving toys to a homeless shelter, visiting shut-ins, cooking a meal for a new mom, helping a neighbor with chores.

Teach your kids about life by telling them stories that teach a lesson, letting them lose at games sometimes, talking about sex, being consistent, saying no when you need to, sharing your faith, teaching them to drive a car, do laundry.

Teach your kids about simple pleasures by unplugging electronics, going for a walk together, playing hopscotch, reading together, making homemade ice cream, playing catch in the back yard, flying kites together.

Teach your kids about love by being thoughtful to family members and friends, putting little notes in their lunch boxes, always saying good morning and good night, hugs and kisses, showing love for your partner, making special meals for special days.

Teach your kids that they are valuable by spending time with them, being champions for them, talking to them about everyday things, asking their opinions, sharing how they make you proud, telling them stories from when they were younger.

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Kids learn from their parents in the everyday things that families do day in and day out. Life's lessons come in the moments that make up your life.

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