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Challenge: Summer Fun

Legendary Summer Parties

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As a parent, you want the best for your kid. So, when you are about to throw a party, you may be at your wit’s end when it comes to ideas. Fortunately, I prepared for you the most amazing party tips so that your child and his/her guest will have a blast.

Museum parties

Museum parties are the fantastic combination of fun and education. What is the better way for your child than having an unforgettably fun time and learning something new? Contact the local museum to find out what they offer. Generally, parties in the museum last from one and half to two hours and there are many themes you can choose depending on the age of children. In my local museum, the price includes even a knowledgeable party host who will spice things up. So, it is worth checking out.


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Parties in theme parks

Theme parks can be spectacular experience for children. Roller coasters for older and trampolines for younger children. There are so many theme parks that it is difficult to choose one. It is simply amazing that children have the best time of their lives and that the pressure is taken off parents as they are sure their children will get a kick out of trying various activities a theme park offers. Once we organized a birthday party at a trampoline park. Children were playing in foam pit, playing trampoline basketball and bouncing on a trampoline. The children were delighted!

Laser tag parties

Laser tag parties are another birthday parties when parents can relax and enjoy the show. A bunch of laser tag games with stuff who will supervise the game play proves to be one of the best ways how your children can spend their birthday time. The arena which hosts the party usually provides party set-ups such as plates and napkins. However, having and choosing a birthday cake is up to you. You can even plan a laser tag parties on your own. You can find laser tag supplies such as solid colour crepe streamers, tissue decorations and latex balloons at affordable prices on the Internet.


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Aquarium parties

The underwater world of aquarium parties will definitely be a unique and interesting experience. Depending on the age of children, you can choose various themes. Apart from an instructor-led aquarium tour, live encounter with animals is maybe the best part of this kind of party. Aquariums usually offer a decorated party room and everything else you will need. So, parents just sit and relax while your children enjoy activities under the sea.


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Messy parties

Buy washable paint and install the huge canvas on the lawn and let children go wild. Make sure you have goggles for children or you can specify on the invitations that they should bring them. You can also incorporate fun Silly String war at the beginning. At the end, give them another canvas so that they can make their own piece of art as a reminder how much good time they had.

From museum parties to theme parks, you have everything to throw a memorable and legendary party.

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