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Knitting with kids - a perfect indoor activity

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With winter just being around the corner, it is about time you start thinking about things and activities you can do with your kids while inside. Do not just assume that you can sit down and watch TV for hours on end, because it will only lead to making your children be lazy and antisocial. Teaching your kids to knit is a good way to spend some quality time together, and to learn something new and useful.


The practical side of knitting

While it might not seem like a fun activity to do with your kids, it can be loads of fun, because there are plenty of useful things you can knit together. Moreover, as it will be a project you will do together, kids will appreciate it even more, and there is a good chance they will wear it as well. It is a fact that knitting can also help develop better hand-eye coordination, so it is excellent for developing kids’ motor skills.

When is the right time to teach your kid to knit?

Generally there is no age requirement to start knitting, but, it is better to start with them when they are around six years old. By then they have learned to be patient and to be able to sit still in one place. Explaining and teaching knitting is not going to be easy, because there are a lot of things to learn, and unless you start from the basics, how to hold the needles and what kind of wool to get, they might find it confusing.


Maybe Your Kids Want Something Simpler

If you find that your kids are having problems grasping some elements of knitting, then it is better to start with something a bit simpler. Finger knitting is great if you want to occupy your kids, and if you work together, you can create marvelous masterpieces that you can show around to your friends, or maybe even create a nice decoration you can hang in your home. First things first though, try to grasp the fundamentals of how to finger knit, and then gradually help your kids work on progressively harder pieces.

Is Your Kid An Absolute Beginner?

Everyone has a fear of starting something and being awful at it. For smaller children this can be even more traumatic, as they will live it down as a huge disappointment. And if they are unable to cope with knitting like you are, it will be even harder to get them to learn it. However, there are many tips for knitting beginners on various blogs and even some videos which could help your kids get better at it.

Choosing Good Wool

You must also teach your kids to be able to tell the difference between the material they will be using, because not all wool types are the same, and some can be more complicated to knit with. Moreover, teach your kids about color combination and that not all can go together as well as they can hope for it. Avoid combining different wools together, as they will have various properties which could affect each other, in terms of durability and endurance.

Knitting together will promote family values and it will be a good way to spend time with them as well. Moreover, there are a number of things that can be easily knitted at home, and which do not have to be embarrassing for anyone to wear. Keep in mind that staying warm during winter is possible with warm clothes, or with that lovely scarf you knitted together with your kids.

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