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Challenge: Open Discussion

Kids addiction and Parents talk about marijuana

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Keeping your kids away from drugs is considered to be one of the most basic rules of good parenting, although taken too literally the rule can become a source of divisions in the family. That’s especially evident if we talk about marijuana – a relatively mild substance that’s widely used among young people of this generation. It is very important for parents and children to talk honestly about this subject, even if that requires the guardians to assume a more flexible attitude. If the kids can’t talk to their parents about the difference between cannabis and hard drugs, they may become more vulnerable to serious drug problems.

Here is a list of reasons why parents should be open-minded when discussing marijuana with their children and avoid making a taboo out of this issue:

Cannabis is present in the pop culture

There are countless movies, books and music videos where marijuana is smoked openly, and you don’t want your child to form an opinion exclusively based on materials of this kind. Most such works are intended to entertain rather than educate, and they are hardly the most appropriate channel to gather valid information. However, if a meaningful family discussion about marijuana is lacking, the children will learn about cannabis from any sources that might be readily available.

Medical marijuana is legal in many countries

In addition to its role as a recreational drug, marijuana is also used for legitimate medical purposes and increasingly attracts serious investments. Hence, treating it as an evil plant that has no positive properties at all is simply wrong. Instead of reinforcing this simplistic image, the parent needs to paint a nuanced picture and highlight all the good and bad sides of this substance. That way, parents’ words won’t be in collision with the influx of news about marijuana legalization in certain countries.

Many parents smoked weed when they were younger

Let’s face it, smoking a few joints doesn’t make anyone an addict, and a good percentage of today’s parents were known to party hard in their early twenties. It would be hypocritical of them to act like moral crusaders when their kids go through a similar phase, and they would risk losing their authority if the whole truth ever came out. Admitting their past adventures with cannabis can bring parents a bit closer to their children, although it doesn’t automatically require them to be super permissive.

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