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Keeping Everyone Safe after a Party

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Summer is the time when the days go on forever and it’s easy to entertain late into the night. But when your friends are enjoying those adult libations, how do you keep them safe? The answer to this question could save lives.

Randall B. Isenberg, a DWI lawyer in Dallas, has this to say about the dangers of drinking and parties. "A DWI arrest can completely ruin a holiday outing or a party, not to mention make you lose your license. But there are many things you can do to reduce or even eliminate the chances of getting pulled over for intoxication. If you're going to drink, the best thing you can do is to get a designated driver, a taxi, or an Uber to take you home."

Tips for Safe Drinking at Home

The top thing that all alcohol parties need is at least one sober person to watch everyone. Someone has to be able to call for rides and make sure the party doesn’t get out of control. Better yet, have two so that one person can serve as a designated driver. If everyone is drunk, it’s really difficult to get all the attendees get home safely.

Another tip if you’re holding a party at your house is for the sober person to take the keys of everyone who drove and put them in a bowl out of the way. This will keep people from driving away without you knowing about it. Also, make arrangements for those who traveled far to have crash space overnight so they’re not left trying to drive in the wee hours.

Another way to keep people from getting too drunk is to limit the amount of alcohol at the party. If everyone brings a six-pack or a fifth, you can have too much alcohol on hand, and that can lead to trouble. Better to have a small cover charge and buy a smaller amount for everyone. Not every get-together has to be BYOB.

What if Someone Tries to Drive Drunk?

If someone tries to leave your party intoxicated, it’s important that you stop them. Once they get behind the wheel and put the keys into the ignition, they’ve broken the law. Worse, in some cases, you could be held responsible if you’re the one holding the party.

This is another good reason to have two sober people on hand. One can try to keep would-be drunk driver occupied while the other calls a cab or an Uber. If things get out of control, they could also call the police. Better to put someone who refuses to listen in the drunk tank for a night than have them get into an accident. And it’ll be a good sign to not invite them to your next party.

If you follow these tips, your house party will be much safer and people will leave having good memories, not bad once. Unless you’re forced to call the cops on them.

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