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​Keeping Everyone Happy on Rainy Days

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You may think that the rainy days from the title are metaphorical, but they are not. I'm talking about actual rainy days, i.e. when the weather is bad and your family is "sentenced" to staying indoors. For some families, this is not a huge problem, but there are also families where kids just adore playing outside and for whom rainy days mean some "managing" being done. So, how to do it?

It's Time for Art

One of the best indoor activities for the whole family is art. Art projects are not just great because you can do them inside when the weather is bad but for other reasons as well. For one, they exercise your children's creativity and they can discover some amazing talents. If you make them cooperative, they will also teach your children about working together in a team. If you are worried that your children may not be that into art, do not worry; before you know it, they will become very interested and they will realize they enjoy painting, drawing or whatever you might have come up with.

Board Games. So Many of Them

There is a very good reason why there are so many classics among board games – everyone loves them. Games like Monopoly, Clue, Risk, The Game of Life and the likes have been around for decades and they will always find their way to families' hearts. Children can learn a great deal through playing board games, one of the most important lessons being that sometimes you lose and have to deal with it. Rainy days are the perfect time to have the whole family sit down and play a game or two.

Family Olympics

Do you remember that episode of The Office when they play office Olympics and everyone has a great time? You can do the same, only in your home. Come up with a few disciplines that your children can compete in (just make sure you invent something you can partake in too) and make your own medals. Prepare an opening ceremony and make a huge deal out of everything. Before you know it, your kids will have the biggest smiles on their faces ever and they will ask you if they have to wait 4 years before the next family Olympics.

Indoor Camping Trip

There is no law saying that you can only camp in the outdoors. In fact, going on an indoor camping trip is actually better in some ways. For one, there is running water and a toilet. Then, there are no bugs and other creepy crawlies that might give your children nightmares. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why we go on "traditional" camping trips in the first place. In any case, pitch a tent, make a huge deal out of it and enjoy one of the best camping experiences ever.

Do not Prohibit Video Games

Video games are among the most controversial parenting subjects ever. Will they turn your child into a violent zombie with no need for human contact? Will they turn your child into a tech prodigy who will be making billions before they are 8? It is far more likely it will do neither of the two. Video games are not the worst thing in the world and they can actually teach your children some important skills and lessons. If the adults of the household need the computer for work, you can always purchase a gaming laptop so your children play some video games when it rains. Of course, do not let them go overboard.

As you can see, we have come up with rainy days ideas that will not only be great for your kids, but that will also make you happy. You can get involved in all of these and forget about the everyday worries.

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