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Jeeps Are For The Fun-Loving Ladies’ Man

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When it comes to vehicle options that speak to your masculine side, Jeep is the right pick for the kind of guy who knows how to fun. There are plenty of practical Jeep models that are great for the family man or the single-car home like the Grand Cherokee, Compass, or the Renegade. However, when it comes to the most iconic Jeep around, the Wrangler, you know that if you feel pulled toward this capable off-roader, it’s because you can listen to the call of the wild. And make no mistake, once you’re behind the wheel, you better get used to hearing “Nice Jeep” from the ladies. This is the kind of vehicle you just can’t ride in solo, so start brainstorming getaways out in the woods where you can really play around – with the Jeep, of course.


The Wrangler girl is the kind of girl who’s as keen to get behind the wheel as you are, once you’re out of city limits. She listens to Toby Keith, Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw, and she can’t wait to spend the long weekend in the country. Whether it’s a family farm, a lakeside cottage, or a cabin in the woods, she’s going to love tagging along for the fresh air and fun. And when you are stuck in the city, you can always roll the roof down and relish in the breeze on the freeway.

The Wrangler has its roots in WWII military vehicles that gave US soldiers mobility through mud and muck, and while the modern version of the Jeep isn’t exactly made for combat scenarios, it has the same bones. Its roll bar system and high-ground clearance are what make it superior to the pick-up truck on those washed-out cottage country roads and give it superior ruggedness. It may not speak to the same practicality as the load-hauling pick-up, but that’s why it’s always appealed to the carefree, get-out-of-town-whenever-he-can kind of man.

You can pick up a used Jeep Wrangler at a great price online as more and more dealerships join owners selling online. Before you buy used, just make sure you give the vehicle a thorough inspection or have a mechanic check it out before you sign on the dotted line, especially with an off-roader like this one. If you want to compare the best deals offered by both dealerships and individuals owners, classifieds like Kijiji combine them both on their listings. You don’t have to break the bank to get the attention at the stop light.

Be warned, though, at the end of the day, if you’re thinking about a Wrangler, it better be because you’re an off-road enthusiast and your idea of a romantic picnic takes place on top of the Laurentians. However, if your commute involves a lot of backroads or lengthy winter driving, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is an SUV that handles the snow with ease and makes a great family vehicle without the tameness of a minivan. The Grand Cherokee is the kind of high-sitting SUV both you and your wife can drive with confidence and safety, knowing your kids are safe in the back. The best advice you need to hear before you buy a vehicle is this: if you’re faking it, everybody will know. Buy the one that speaks to you.

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