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Best Press Release Writing Service with 24 Hour TAT and AP Style

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A startup press release distribution service, NewswireNEXT, is helping to change the game for businesses that want an affordable, cost-effective way of being seen on the world’s best media sites. If you’re not already using this cheap press release distribution service to generate buzz about your company, you really should be.

NewswireNEXT's As Seen On Fox Nbc Cbs Abc Msnbc Pbs Pack

In many ways, NewswireNEXT is so innovative because it helps to level the playing field for smaller companies that might not be able to afford the more expensive services of the legacy PR distribution companies like Business Wire and Cision. Those services are clearly geared toward the world’s biggest brands, and they have largely achieved their reputations based on decades of work with mainstream media outlets.

But what these large legacy services often fail to do is connect with all the other media outlets out there. These include authority niche blogs, business publications and mobile communities. In many ways, this is where the real “news” is being created today, and that’s where NewswireNEXT really excels. Not only will the service guarantee syndication for your story on more than 500 different news and media sites, it will also get your story picked up by niche blogs or business publications.

For that reason, companies are starting to embrace the more affordable NewswireNEXT pricing model. For just $199, they get access to NewswireNEXT’s white label press release package. Other press release distribution services are considerably more expensive and they don’t offer white labeling.

NewswireNEXT offers an innovative white label press release distribution service

With traditional press release distribution services, any time your press release goes to a media outlet, it has their name on it. Even if press releases are published “as is” on a media website, they will have the name of the press release distribution company at both the top and bottom of the content.

In contrast, the white label press release model ensures that the name of the distributor is not mentioned anywhere on the press release and media outlets. You can immediately see how and why this is so effective for companies, there’s a nice competitive advantage for white labeling – your rivals will never know which press release distribution service you used to gain publicity. All they will know is that top blogs and media outlets are talking about your company.

The white label product is also useful to PR agencies and marketers – it offers them a way to resell the NewswireNEXT press release distribution services as a part of their own package.

The Bottom Line

So, on top of the fact that your news items are getting placement on the world’s top media sites, it will all appear as if there has been a spontaneous upsurge of support from the grassroots level! This has the effect of gaining even more media attention, as people now want to know more about your company.

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