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Is sudoku suitable for my child?

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(Image Source: Chris Stringfellow)

Sudoku is a really popular puzzle in which you have to decide where to place numbers 1 to 9 in a grid with 9 subgrids. It originated in Japan but is now enjoyed by people all over the world, but what makes Sudoku so popular?

People take a lot of pleasure in trying to find the solution for this puzzling game. In fact, it can be quite addictive, and its popularity has even led to World Sudoku Championships and other competitions Sudoku fans can take part in.

Logic is needed to solve a Sudoku puzzle, and the setter of such a puzzle gives an already partially completed grid to start you off. In a typical puzzle there is only one solution. Finding that solution is a personal test of your logic and something you can feel proud of doing well at. Perhaps that is what has lead to the popularity of Sudoku? It is proven to be great for both children and adults for improving brain activity and logical thinking.

Is anyone else encouraging their children to play sudoku? At what age did they start?

(Image Source: Chris Stringfellow)

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