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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Integrating Motherhood, My Career and My Dreams One Day at a Time

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Maybe it is because this is the year I am turning 40 or maybe it is because certain aspects of my life are in turmoil. But I have been seriously reevaluating what my purpose is and where I want to dedicate my time. I mean I can’t stop thinking about it. All. Day. Long. Of course my end goal, as with most moms, is to be able to be present in my 4 daughters lives. Being a mom to 4 young girls is definitely my calling and is what I am most passionate about.


I love the fact that they are all girls. They have helped me realize that I want to do something more with my legacy. I want to set an example for my girls of female empowerment and the ability to accomplish anything they can dream of. I am raising them in such a pivotal time of gender equality, women shattering glass ceiling, demanding equal pay and much more. It is truly inspiring and something I want to be a part of.


This is the first year that I am allowing myself more “me” time and forgiving myself for the Mom Guilt. I am exploring my creative side. I am trying new things. I am focusing on me. I am admitting to myself that I cannot do it all. I am asking for help. All of these things are allowing me to be a better mom and a calmer mom.



I want to contribute to the conversation. I want to help other moms who are facing similar challenges. I want to lead young girls and inspire them to be more. So to answer the question as to Who I am… I am a Mom of 4 girls, I am a Full Time Working Mom, I am a Girl Scout Leader, I am a school volunteer, I am the coordinator of chaos in my house, I am a best friend and sister, I am a supporter of women’s causes, I am a dreamer. I am a proud member of my Girl Squad. I am trying to integrate Motherhood, my career and my dreams one day at time.


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