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How to Use Room Design to Stimulate Child's Mental Growth

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From the day they are born, children adapt to their surrounding and learn from it. They develop certain skills and learn to understand everything that is going on around them. By specially designing your child’s room, you can help him or her to grow, to play and learn faster. Here are a few ways you can boost your child’s creative and cognitive development through room design.


Learning the basics

During the earliest stage of life, your child subconsciously learns from its surroundings. For instance, if you place alphabet letters on the wall, your child will realize it is there, but will have no idea what it is. Until one day, when it will also realize that it knows the entire alphabet and has never been to school. This is due to the fact that kids memorize things they see on a daily basis.

Use colors as stimulation

Science has proven that colors can affect your child’s focus. If you are to place multiple stripes on the wall, your child would be able to recognize shapes and determine where one shape begins and ends. Avoid using black and white colors and focus mostly on red, blue, yellow and green.

Music is good

Music is known to stimulate people’s minds and it works on children as well. Place an mp3 player in your child’s room and play music for it occasionally. Any type of “noise” will make your child focus on it and learn from it.

Toys inspire imagination

Believe it or not, but when a child plays with his toys, it tends to create stories and backgrounds for the characters. Each toy is special in its own way and requires one story to be told. It will also get a name as well, which immediately means emotional bond. Let your child play with them for this is something every child does. You have been through it and your parents before you as well. There are plenty of jada licensed toys that your child may like. You can order the latest ones online at a reasonable price. Let your child express his inner creativity and let him play with his toys.


Let it draw

Place pictures and art all over your child’s room. In the meantime, Let it draw, let it draw, can’t hold it back anymore. As soon as it can hold a pen and is old enough not to try and eat it, give your child a piece of paper and let it draw and express his or her inner artist. Every kid loves to draw shapes and circles, houses and trees, normally stuff they see every day. This will help them enhance their memory, both long and short-term one. You can also play games with your child, show something to it for a certain period of time and then hide it and ask your child to draw it. The results will astonish you.

Time for a story

Reading bedtime stories is a great way of opening doors to another dimension where your child can sink in and get lost in imagination. Child will focus on your words and draw mental images of the things you say and read. This will stimulate his prefrontal cortex and additionally increase his thinking speed and IQ. Do not be surprised if your child grows up to be a genius.

Help your child develop into a mentally strong and stable person by applying these tricks when he is still a youngster. Play together, learn together and let the learning process become interesting for both of you.

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