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how to use postpartum girdle

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The correct use of the yoyo postpartum belt:

1, must first use the hands of the palm of your hand slowly from the pubic position, the abdomen muscles and deep uterus slowly push up, and then by the pubis began to strengthen the fixed belly belly. Do not only bind the stomach and the upper abdomen, but missed the most important lower abdomen, which in turn caused the uterus to sag; another pressure is also the lower abdomen (navel below the pubic bones) began to tighten, then force Larger (tied tight), to the stomach when the tie force is more loose, that is, under the principle of loose on the loose, it will not but the body of the organ to the lower part free postpartum girdle.

2, the use of the timing of the belly belt, after the production can begin to use, on the one hand soothe the pain of the muscles, for the mother's toilet or meal will be more powerful. Wake up after the completion of the toilet, you can use the belly band, but remember that before going to sleep at night, be sure to take the belly band, can not be used all day, but adverse physical cycle; and then easy to sweat the skin But also prone to discomfort and itching, and sleep when the posture changes, will also cause the cephalic belt shift, but not reach the purpose and efficacy.

3, the use of the corset of the time, is different. If the skin easy to allergic mother, in addition to diligent replacement of the belly band, to strengthen the clean, as far as possible in the conscious twist belly has been hot and humid when the replacement of new, and lying down to sleep, are need to pay attention to maternity belt after delivery.

4, the use of the belly band is not "universal" Basically, during the confinement period can use the cephalic belly, but if the lower abdomen fall feeling no improvement, often caused by the body Qi, then more timely Chinese medicine qi, in order to effectively improve the fall of the lower abdomen feeling. Use the right way to use the abdomen with the benefits of the abdomen belt

1, the abdomen is a physical method to help abdomen with a belly, postpartum dedicated and non-postpartum dedicated. Postpartum dedicated for postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation, to prevent visceral ptosis and design, non-postpartum special also known as the belly band, is for the abdomen hypertrophy crowd. At present the market postpartum abdomen belly prevalence, sandbags bandages, cotton, there are fine cotton knitting, as well as a new generation of traditional natural therapy as one of the functional postpartum belly belly and so on. Long-term use of the belly of the disadvantages of postpartum support belt


2, the abdomen is the most likely postpartum women lead to physical deformation of the place, due to excessive growth in the abdomen during the birth process, resulting in 100% postpartum women abdominal relaxation, this relaxation of the abdominal muscles and increased uterine cavity Lack of timely recovery, easily lead to the accumulation of fat and many gynecological diseases, not only affect the appearance, but also postpartum body deformation and many of the culprits of the culprit, high-quality belly has a good help abdication effect, function Sexual abdomen belly not only help abdomen abdomen better, postpartum uterus, birth canal, postpartum lochia net, abdominal pain relief and so have a good effect.

3, the so-called functional belly belly, is in the abdomen on the basis of physical abdomen, but also has a functional effect of a belly. It is the researchers for postpartum women's physiological characteristics, plot 20 years of experience in the production of ribbons, the scientific use of the belly band after c section German textile technology and traditional Chinese herbal medicine abdominal tease approach, so that the postpartum abdomen has reached a new breakthrough, the timber better , The function is more complete, easy to use, not only help abdomen abdomen effect is good, the postpartum uterus, the birth canal, lochia net, the body function recovery has a good effect, it is more ideal, practical professional postpartum abdomen band.

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