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How to properly use the belly band after pregnancy and pelvis belt

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hot-women-postpartum-abdomen-seamless-drawing-slim-waist-butt-lifting-one-piece-shapewear-shaper-plus-size-beauty-care-clothing_1_.jpg Postpartum abdomen: a postpartum pelvic belt, not belly band after pregnancy.

Regardless of whether the mother is childbirth or cesarean delivery, their pelvis will be widened due to increased hormones in order to prepare for natural childbirth. The study found that within 42 days postpartum female hormone has not been reduced, the pelvis and postpartum girdle still has good plasticity. Therefore, 42 days postpartum in a timely manner to the pelvis to apply moderate external force, can effectively help the pelvic return to prenatal status. In other words, unlike the female abdomen recovery state, pelvic bone only in the month of this period of time to effectively respond. Therefore, whether it is natural childbirth or caesarean section mom, postpartum 2,3 Days later, as long as I feel good, you can start using the pelvic correction band. Unlike the general abdomen, the pelvic girdle uses a lower location and exerts a moderate pressure on the pelvis to promote recovery as soon as possible.

Postpartum abdomen II: When to use abdomen postpartum belt a. Natural delivery of the mother can only be used after the abdomen with the abdomen Some mothers believe that there is no natural abdomen after childbirth wounds, so you can immediately use the abdomen, it is not. Mom after childbirth Mummy belly there are a lot of congestion, gas and other body fluids, the need to exclude the body through the body's natural circulation, if premature use of the cuff will only limit the body's blood circulation, postpartum corset is not conducive to the body discharge of lochia, but not conducive to the smooth flow of breathing, Organ recovery is no good. In addition, the premature use of abdomen will also be the role of intensity on the pelvis above, may also force the soft pelvic expansion, is not conducive to pelvic bone recovery. Therefore, it is recommended that natural delivery of mothers should be better after the body after the recovery of the body to start using the pelvic correction band to 1 month after delivery, then use the abdomen dedicated abdomen to help body sculpting.

b. Caesarean section immediately after caesarean section dedicated abdomen, caesarean section fixed cesarean section visceral invasion by invasive surgery, postoperative need to immediately use caesarean section dedicated abdomen to fix the wound to promote wound healing and prevent visceral ptosis. At this point, the role of the abdomen care is greater than the role of body sculpting, so my mother in the purchase of caesarean abdomen, should not blindly tighten the size, but should choose good ventilation performance, comfortable to wear, and caesarean section according to the location and recovery Degree of freedom to adjust the elastic caesarean section dedicated abdomen. At the same time, you can also synchronize the use of pelvic correction band to help restore pelvis to prenatal size.

The abdomen used was a long postpartum belt, white gauze band measuring about 1,200 centimeters in length and 15 centimeters wide, each prepared in two pieces for replacement. Due to postpartum to be hot fill, easy to sweat, sweat wet, the belly should be taken apart, and the abdomen to dry, then sprinkle with coolness of prickly heat powder to re-tie. If the sweat is more severe, you must replace the clean postpartum body shapers .

If you use a sticky corset or beam pants, not only did not prevent the effect of visceral ptosis, but may oppress visceral blood gas is not smooth by Postpartum Girdle belt, visceral deformity or flatulence caused by breathing difficulties or lower abdomen body size, especially note! Belt tied method 1) Size: The veil used is a breathable white gauze with a length of 1200 cm and a width of 15 cm 2) Dosage: for mothers own homework, because do not wear underwear (first after wearing the belts and then wear underwear), flat skin, easy to sweat, each person needs to prepare 2 to replace 3) Function: .a. Prevention of visceral ptosis (general corset does not apply) b. Abdomen contraction, consumer stomach 4) Timing to start the tying: Natural product - 2nd day postpartum; Caesarean section - Day 6 (Corset abdomen within 5 days ); Small births - the day after surgery 5) daily demolition, re-tied time: three meals before meals to be removed, re-tighten and then eat; before the bath removed, wipe the bath and then tied; 2 weeks postpartum tied for 24 hours, loose on the tied; After 3 weeks can be tied during the day and night removed 6) cleaning methods: cold wash fine cleaning, and then clean the net can be dried, do not use washing machines, due to easy wrinkle 7) abdomen tied and demolition method:

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