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How to Pick Up and Go: A Parent's Guide to the Short Notice Road Trip

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When you have a quality car and a few days off each week, there's nothing stopping you from taking your family on a road trip.

So often, we overthink things and feel as though if a vacation isn't expensive and planned out a year and a half in advance, it doesn't count. Contrarily, nothing says excitement and taking life by the horns like deciding on a Thursday that you want to take your family out of town.

But how do you take the stress out of the situation and leave the excitement?

Read these tips to find out how.

Make Packing a Game, Not a Burden

The biggest negative of impromptu trips is that you get overwhelmed about the things you weren't able to plan. However, the point of a trip is to put the stress aside and enjoy some new experiences.

So rather than driving down I-95 lamenting over what you forgot to pack, take all of the pressure off of packing.

One of the best ways you can do this is to make packing a challenge or a game for your family. For instance, spring the trip on everyone by telling them they have 30 minutes to pack, and that after the time limit, it's time to hit the road.

In doing this, you're mentally relinquishing certain controls and trusting that you'll be fine with each other's company, regardless of what things you forget at home. Making packing a fun challenge, rather than a burden, will go a long way.

Keep the Vehicle Tuned Up Year-Round

It's important to know that your car will make any road trip.

By making sure that you're servicing your vehicle year-round, you'll be able to make it for any trip. When this is a year-round priority, you will always know what your vehicle needs, and will know whether you need to buy a new one or get a routine repair.

This level of maintenance protects the health and safety of everyone, which is the most important aspect.

Don't Put too Many Expectations and Parameters in Place

You need to understand the decision fatigue is a very real thing.

The last thing you would want is to bring that stress into a peaceful trip. Don't put a series of expectations on the trip, because it prevents you from living in the moment. Instead, allow yourself to go into the unknown and let the trip become whatever it is going to be.

This will allow the family to be more easy going about it, rather than bringing outside stresses into the trip.

Use these tips and you can quickly master the impromptu road trip.

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