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How to Make Math Fun

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A lot of kids experience math as hard work. No matter how much they dislike it, they will have to implement it in their everyday lives one day. Studies have shown that kids benefit if they start their math training at earlier age. It makes adjustments to their brains and makes them more competitive at problem solving. If they start understanding math at such an early age they are also more likely to end up choosing a career in fields like high-technology, engineering or finances. Making math interesting for kids at early age can be quite a difficult task. Still, it is necessary to do so and we would like to present you several ways you can help your children find math more fun.


Make it real

We are surrounded by math everyday – money, time, measurements etc. – and all of this requires at least some math skills. One way to make math more interesting for your children is to try to implement it into everyday problems. One of the best ways to do so is to take them shopping with you. Have them check or compare prices in the grocery store, figure out the discounts or count mailboxes while driving in the car. Have them estimate how much you will pay once you reach the checkout counter in the store. If they get it right you can buy them something as a prize. Make this a thing and do it every time you take your children shopping. Or you can juggle it with some other interesting shopping games.


Fit it into fun activities

Think of some other activities your children enjoy. Cooking is another great way you can use math. Ask them to help you and let them do all the measuring and counting. Always ask “how much more of this do we need?” and let them count it. Another way you can make math interesting is in the car. “Are we there yet?” is one of the children’s most common questions while in the car. So each time you hear this question you should tell them how far from the destination you are and how fast are you going. This way you will let them count the time themselves. Also, if they like sports, try using things like scores, percentages and statistics to practice math.


Make it a game

You will want your children to think of math as a game instead of work, so they can play with it, just like when playing video games or sports. One of the ways you can do this is by using books that encourage the use of math. You can find various such books in most bookstores. Card and board games can also do the job. Chutes and ladders or monopoly encourage counting and most kids find them very interesting. There are also apps and games you can download which are designed especially for teaching math. You can also find some cool math games on the web and have your children play them online. All of these games will influence their progress in math and help them learn faster.

Be sure that you never talk negative about math. You do not want your children to think of it as a hard subject but only as something that takes time to understand. By using some of the above mentioned strategies, you are definitely going to make math fun for your children and thus make them more eager to practice it.

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