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How to Improve Your Child's Cognitive Skills

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Cognitive development in children is usually characterized by the way a child acquires knowledge, learns and interacts with their surroundings. In order for your child to achieve the developmental milestones that are meant for their age they need to acquire different cognitive skills. Children in general benefit from activities that promote active learning.

As a parent, you should encourage your child’s cognitive development when it comes to memory, concentration, attention and perception. There are several simple activities you can include in your everyday routine.


Create a loving environment

Providing a loving environment is considered to be an essential factor in the cognitive growth of children. It is important to provide your child with an attentive surroundings both at home and a the child care of your choice in Sydney. A comfortable and supportive environment helps boost their self-confidence and provides them with a chance to focus on other aspects of development rather than constantly searching for approval. In addition it is important to keep in mind that through kisses, hugs and other manners of showing emotions, our kids learn how to express affection and successfully use body language as means of communication.


Do exercises for both body and mind

It is important to foster both physical and mental development in children. One affects the other. For example, by doing physical activity children oxygenate their brain much more rapidly which in turn helps it grow. In addition, by doing exercises they are developing their motor skills, thus establishing a better synaptic connections that have a positive effect on a quicker brain to muscle nerve response. When choosing the best option for exercising when it comes to your child, consider swimming, since it activates all muscle groups in the body.

As for mental exercises the best way is through different learning games. For example, memory games are great for improving both long and short-term memory. Word and number games represent a great way for improving logical thinking, pattern recognition, as well as refining language skills. If you add reading as a way to develop imagination and visualization skills, you can be sure that your child is on a great path to properly develop all their cognitive skills.


Make it fun

Treat your child as a child, this might seem strange but if we focus too much on their learning and on various ways to improve their development, we as parents at times lose sight of what is important. Like playing, exploring and just having fun. All of these are equally important for cognitive skill development. By visiting different places like zoos and museums and encouraging your children to explore them you are providing them with “hands on” experiences that represent a great source for learning. Don't forget to include music in your everyday activities. By encouraging your child to do sing-a-longs you are promoting memory and word identification as well as just providing them with a way of having fun and relaxing. Join in as often as you can, it can be a great bonding experience with your children.

These are just some of the ways we can help our children improve their cognitive skills. The most important thing, however, is being present every step of the way. Your time is what your child need the most in order to successfully grow and develop. And by providing our child with an engaging and stimulating environment, we as parents can help our child’s cognitive development by challenging them for the world ahead.

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