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How to Dress Your Newborn in Spring

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Our little swaddles of love need more clothes during the winter, and as soon as the spring comes we think they should wear less. However, since their little bodies are more delicate than ours, they still need a fair amount of clothes during spring. Since the weather will be constantly changing, there are a few tricks you can use to make your newborn always feel comfortable, no matter the temperature.

Cover Everything

Even though the spring sun is not as harsh, your newborn should be fully protected. This means that you should dress them warmly and not leave any skin parts uncovered. Make sure that everything is properly swaddled, from head to toe, but if there is any skin exposed, apply some baby sunscreen to their delicate skin.

Dress in Layers

During the changeable spring weather, we like to dress in layers in order to easily adjust to the ever-changing temperatures. The same rule applies for your newborn. Start by putting on a short-sleeved onesie for the base. Then, add layers with pants, a long-sleeved shirt and a light hoodie or a sweatshirt on top. If it is necessary, you can add another layer with a comfy swaddle wrap, which you can easily remove. These layers will keep you prepared for any temperature change outside. Add or remove pieces of clothing as temperature grows or falls, and you won’t have to worry about your newborn overheating or being cold.



Since you never know when the rain is going to surprise you, you should always bring a windbreaker with you. Make sure you always have those cute little jackets in the stroller to simply add another layer of protection if the wind starts blowing or it starts raining. Nothing can go through windbreakers and you will never have to worry about weather spoiling the day for either you or your baby.

Hats are Obligatory

Don’t let the warm spring weather trick you into thinking that hats are not necessary. On the contrary, their small cute heads will need protection both from cooler and warmer weather during the spring. Opt for a lightweight cotton hat that will protect your baby from the sun, and that will maintain the warmth inside when the temperature goes down.

As Well As Socks

Just like the hat, socks are a must-have outdoor accessory for the spring. They will protect the delicate skin from the sun, while preserving enough heat when the temperature drops. So, opt for warm comfy socks, that can even be fun accessories to their cute little outfits. Also, you can go with full bodysuits to keep their little toes warm, and add a pair of adorable leg warmers.


Indoor Clothes

Layers and protection are not only to be considered for outdoor walks. Your baby needs to be properly dressed while indoors as well. As soon as the temperature rises we tend to open up windows or even turn on the AC. Such extreme contrast in temperature could pose a threat to your baby’s health and that is why you need to constantly check their feet and hands to make sure they are not cold. Dress them in layers, find full body pajamas and make sure they always have warm socks on. This way, your newborn will always be protected and their body temperature will be normal. However, if you do notice they are sweating, you can always remove a layer or two to cool them down.

As you can see, you will still need plenty of pieces for your baby. However, dressing during spring is all about the layers, which can easily be added or removed, and neither you or your baby will have to worry about the changing weather.

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