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How to become a techy parent in an over-digitalized world

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Life nowadays is mainly revolving around computers, smartphones smart applications and systems. However, not all of us were born tapping on a tablet, thus, not many of us have the same skill levels in terms of using a computer. And unfortunately, lacking computer and Internet skills might prevent you from functioning properly in this over-digitalised environment. This might prevent you from getting better-paying jobs and bonding a closer relationship with your peers. On the other hand, this will offer you the possibility of teaching your children an appropriate Internet behaviour, cyber-abuse and bullying. Below are some great things you should learn when starting your journey.

1. Learn about Internet privacy and private connections

If you are somehow familiar with the Internet, then you certainly know that your connection may sometimes be quite vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks. A great way to protect your identity and secure your connection is using a specialised system, like the HideMyAss system. Funnily as it might sound, this amazing piece of software will help you in several ways:

  • Protect your sensitive data while using insecure connections: wireless networks are dangerous to use, especially public networks. It is unnecessary to mention how many sensitive data was lost, including bank account login data, while using such networks. Thus, you can either avoid using airport, hotel, bars and clubs Wi-Fi connection, or you can use a VPN or IP: Port services in order to create a secure connection and protect sensitive data.
  • Protect your identity online: when using such products, your activities will be changed by encrypting and changing your IP. This way, your identity will remain anonymous online. By using such services, nobody, not hackers or dubious individuals, not even your Internet provider will be able to track certain activities to your identity. This will also protect your children in the virtual environment.

So, before engaging in more complex activities, it is necessary to establish a secure Internet connection, aspect with which this software will help you.

2. Learn how social media platforms work


A great way to become closer to your children, buy also supervise more effectively their online activity is by creating several social media accounts. Start with Facebook, and make sure that you learn how it works. Be open-minded. You might not see its usefulness currently, but this will enable you to track your child’s online activity, including interactions. If your children are fairly small, yet they already have an account, you could ask for their login data, and supervise their conversations as well. Unfortunately, bullying moved online as well, and so did child predators. Although the chances for unusual interactions between such individuals and your child to take place are reduced, better be safe than sorry.

3. Learn how parental control software works

If you learn how these software products work and install such products on the family computer. You will empower yourself, and never have to worry about your child’s online activity. Simply select the desired filters and let the system alone so its job.

These are some ways in which you can start your journey as a techy parent in a high-tech world. Although it might be a bit complicated to transition, a little research will go a long way.

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