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How long can use post pregnancy girdle after Caesarean section?

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Many mothers in the production in order to alleviate their own pain are invariably choose a caesarean section, and postpartum mothers in order to restore the perfect body but also choose to use a good post pregnancy girdle, but the caesarean section of the wound left a lot of beauty and beauty of women deterred, So how long after caesarean section can be used with abdomen?

How long after Caesarean section can be used post pregnancy girdle?

Abdomen is a good helper to help postpartum mothers recover their body, under normal circumstances, the natural delivery, the day after abortion can be used, the proposed use of caesarean section wound healing. Postpartum abdomen with the correct use of time: abdomen should be half an hour after meals every day, after urination wear postpartum girdle, remove before going to bed, wear daily time should not exceed 8 hours.
Postpartum due to postpartum physical weakness, the body can not immediately restore the elastic ligaments, it is easy to produce visceral ptosis. Therefore, it is recommended that postpartum mothers must wear suitable for their abdomen, to help the body support the internal organs. For new mothers after Caesarean section, timely use of abdomen after delivery can also play a role in hemostasis and promote wound healing. In addition, the fat is flowing within six months after delivery, this time is the best time to reshape the body shape, the rational use of abdomen for postpartum body shape recovery has a tremendous impact.

Caesarean section after the use of abdomen Note:
1, it is recommended to use the longest time of 6-8 weeks, up to 8 hours a day. And do not recommend to wear a bellyband to sleep at night. Remember, can not affect normal breathing and eating, and can not be tight to affect the blood circulation Oh.
2, choice of breathable performance, wear comfortable postpartum corset
, and according to the caesarean section of the wound position and degree of recovery, free adjustment elastic caesarean section dedicated abdomen. At the same time, you can also synchronize the use of pelvic correction band to help restore pelvis to prenatal size.
3, prohibit long-term use of abdomen, otherwise it will lead to poor blood, causing varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and so on.

4, maternal waist should not be too tight or 3 in 1 postpartum girdle
will cause abdominal pressure increased, so that the support of genital ligament decreased, causing uterine prolapse, posterior uterine retroversion, anterior vaginal wall or posterior wall bulging, and easy to induce pelvic Venous congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases. New mothers should be the proper use of abdomen to ensure healthy while reducing prenatal attractive figure.

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