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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

How do you make a child do something?

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It often happens that when bringing up their children, parents have to persuade them to do something, which the kids usually do not want to do. Sooner or later, almost every mother faces a problem when the child refuses to eat, and likewise, every dad faces the child's unwillingness to go to the kindergarten, to school, or to the dentist when there is no mom around. This is not really a problem, because the child's reluctance to do only what he is told to do is a good sign of his psychological development. He grows, learns more, becomes independent, and hence the manifestation of stubbornness is an evidence of the emergence of his personality and independent opinion.

Of course, children do not always understand that they are wrong in some situations; however, in this case, parents need to be patient enough and learn how to persuade their child.


One of the first problems that is going to require a certain degree of patience and tact from parents is the child’s unwillingness to eat. In order to feed their child, mothers do all sorts of tricks like turning on the TV, telling some funny tales about visiting a dentist for instance and much more. In this case, mothers should understand that the child is likely to get used to such tricks very soon. Therefore, it is much better to revise the child's menu, as it is quite possible that they refuse to eat only because they no longer like this particular dish for one reason or another.

A proper dialogue

If your child is old enough, then you can try to make a deal with them. At the same time, some parents are convinced that they know how to persuade their child. In their opinion, you just need to give them something in return for their consent. Child psychologists are against such an approach, because a child does not need to have an artificial external motive for the realization of a useful action. In addition, it is not recommended to resort to threats, which will only lead to the fact that your child will lose trust in you. When persuading your child to do something like going to Barrie Smile Centre dentists, you should take a sufficiently firm and rational position, but do not try to press on the child or pretend that their refusal is one of those deadly sins. It is a good idea to try to make your child do something together with you. For example, you could collect toys around the room together, lay the table for dinner or play in the yard instead of watching TV or playing computer games.

In conclusion, we hope that you will be able to make your child listen to you. Remember that you need to be patient and do not treat a child’s refusal as something irritating. Try to be a good mom or dad and try to convince your beloved child to do something in a loving and mature way.

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