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How Blogging Made Me A Better Dad?

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It was a morning like any other morning. I got up and started my day as usual. I took a cup of coffee and started reading through my messages on my phone. While I was going through my emails I found an email from my Boss, he wanted to meet the team early morning sharp at 9.00 A.M. It was something strange for me as he always meet the team after office hours.

Without wasting my time anymore, I headed to my office.

As soon I entered my office, I have noticed that most of the staff was already there. Everyone was scared because there was a news that our Boss has sold out the company to a Britisher.

Just after 5 minutes, my boss came in and confirmed the news to us. He also told that the new owner will fire 50% of the staff members and I was one of them.

It was like a shocking news for me. I was feeling like cheated. I have to leave the company where I was working from past 9 years.

Suddenly, I through about my family and my kinds. What will happen to them. I was really scared.

After discussing my last check with the accounts team, I came back to home and told the all incident to my wife. She give me courage and told me that we will together fight with the situation.

She started searching for the ways to work from home and I submitted my resume on Indeed.

Luckily, she found an article about Blogging and how to make money out of it.

After reading through the article, I was feeling like I have found something that can change my life but the road was not looking easy as I am not a writer and also don't know how to build a blog.

I started reading articles on the Internet and watched countless videos on blogging and making money only and Finally registered a domain name and web hosting from Godaddy that cost me just $1 per month.

Now my wife and I, run a blog where we publish Food recopies and publish article on Parenting.

I am giving more time to my kids and spending almost my full day with them. I am feeling like a better husband and a dad.

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