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Challenge: Start Today: Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Kids

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Raising a child, does not mean only tending for its needs, but also taking care of its health by teaching healthy habits that will last a lifetime. In this day and age, it is particularly hard to do that, considering that children are surrounded by poor examples and unhealthy life choices. Facing those challenges might be difficult but it is necessary in order for the children to have a happy and healthy life. When parents are successful in this, the rule “because I said so” is significantly outweighed by “because it is good for you”.

Here are some of the most important habits to nourish in your child.

Basic Hygiene

For adults, taking care of the hygiene can seem so habitual that we forget that with kids, there is a lot of time needed until they create the habits of washing their hands, brush their teeth, etc. The best way to teach your kids the basic hygiene is by showing a good example. Spend some extra time with them showing them how exactly should they wash their hands and brush their teeth properly, and explain that it something good and grown up to do.

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Eating Well

Kids tend to refuse to eat some food just because it looks bad or because they friends/parents do not eat it. You should teach them that healthy equals beautiful, while unhealthy and processed food equals ugly. Explain the importance of vitamins and other nutrients – you can do that through various games, stories and songs.

Green vegetables which is often unloved by kids, is paradoxically the most important for their health. If you notice that because of the lack of calcium that sort of food and dairy product should provide, calcium supplements is the best solution for developing strong bones and preventing osteoporosis in older age.

Working Hard

Working hard pays off – and children should learn that. It is a great skill to know because when they finally grow up, they will find it easier to be successful in their careers. It is normal for parents to want to make everything easier for their children, but sometimes it is better to teach them good work ethics, rather than just giving them whatever they want.

Love for Learning

Most children do not love school, but if you show that you are excited for it and all the lessons they are learning, maybe something of that good feeling gets transferred to them. Still, you should go further than just valuing education and try to develop lifelong love for learning. Do that by reading to them when they are still small, and later by rewarding them with books. Make learning interesting with educational TV Shows, movies and cartoons.

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Appreciating Nature

With the overwhelming presence of technologies, kids today are often losing interest in playing outdoors. Try to create habits that will help your children truly appreciate the time they spend outside (e.g. family sports Friday, picnic with friends, building and caring for a tree house, etc.). All of this should also lead to kids that enjoy exercising and physical activities, and care for the nature by not throwing their trash around, etc.

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Being Kind and Generous

Kindness is a habit learned best by observation. Show your children how to be kind to people with your own good example. The gift of generosity is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to your children. Teach them how to share things with other and how to help less fortunate. Explain to them the importance of not being stingy, especially with the people closest to them.

These were just some habits parents should teach children in order to give them a happy and healthy life, all the other things you will discover along the way. Remember that all of these habits are best learned through example.

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