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“Have fun while writing….which not a lot of things can do!”

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Think about it. Teaching a kid to write a story is hard for the kid, but also hard for the parent or teacher. However, through developing a new kids creative writing game, I have found that kids are some of the most (if not THE most) creative thinkers on the planet. The way they come up with ideas and rationale for how and why totally unrelated things CAN relate, well it’s just downright incredible. And as an adult, to witness this happen is magical.

Creating a game with kids and watching how they come together, share ideas and real-life experiences with one another to come up with crazy solutions we realize just how many benefits there are with creative writing that have long-lasting effects over those of formal essay writing.


Kristen Bellows of Ontario is a director of literary camps for children in Toronto and has been working with kids for years. She says there are 5 Benefits of Creative Writing for Children Here are five benefits, according to Kristen.

1. Creative writing encourages children to use their imagination. Not only is this fun for children to do, but it also allows children to practice how to think ‘outside of the box’. In the long run, children who write creatively will be able to broaden their thought process and think of the world in a different and unique way from their peers.

2. Creative writing develops reading, writing and learning skills. While writing, children are exploring words and grammar. This will help later in life when children are writing professionally in various capacities and also in their verbal language.

3, Creative writing develops self-confidence and identity. By creating something themselves and exploring different types of characters who face a variety of issues children learn about themselves as well as seeing that they have the ability to create something unique and praise worthy.

4. Creative writing teaches children about empathy! When a child is writing about a particular character they are putting themselves into the “shoes” of that character. How do they feel? How do they behave? All of that teaches children about how to be empathetic towards others in the real world.

5. Creative writing provides an emotional outlet Children have the opportunity to express certain thoughts and ideas in a safe manner. By having a character live out their own feelings offers children the opportunity to safely sort out and process feelings that may be upsetting for them.

I believe creative thinking and writing is one of the best things you and your children can do together. Stretching your imaginations together is not only fun, but the sky is the limit on what crazy stories you’ll conjure up.

And creative writing will boost your child's chances of being President, because must be a creative thinker to be on the campaign trail!!!

Every minute of the day our lives are filled with real stories. They are just waiting to be created and shared.

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