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Giving Your Baby Those First Essential Building Blocks

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When you first bring home that little bundle of joy, you're probably feeling a mix of elation, fear and a love you've never experienced before. As you get your new baby set up in their room and begin building a bond with them, it's important that you start giving them those essential building blocks that will shape them as a person.

Your body is a sponge during their first year of life and will grow rapidly, so the more you pour into them, the better results you'll receive.

Consider these tips to give them that head start, as you also become accustomed to parenthood.

Read to Them Every Single Day

The value of reading to your baby is immense. By hearing you read to them out loud, it will improve your baby's communication skills, help them understand the way words and speech patterns are arranged, improves their memory and helps them become focused and attentive to the world around them.

Make sure you purchase books that are engaging and that connect with your child. For instance, there are plenty of books with songs and nursery rhymes, which will also help your child recognize music and can teach them important things like colors, numbers and important words.

Taking this time and effort will build your child's brain and make them an avid learner.

Give Your Child the Best Nutrients

It's important that you feed your child only the finest, quality nutrients. Breast milk is best for a number of reasons.

For one, it's the most natural, vitamin-rich food that you can feed your baby. It has vitamins and minerals that they won't get elsewhere. Breast milk is free, so you don't have to break the bank feeding them.

Your child will also be able to be free of allergies and infections when you build their immune system with breast milk.

If you'd like to buy formula, make sure that it is high-quality organic formula that doesn't contain excessive sugar.

Be Present With Them and Build Bonds

Do everything you can to take some time out with your child for bonding. This lets you get to know them and begins a lifetime of memories.

You'd be surprised how relaxing and fulfilling it can be to simply turn off the television, put down the devices spend some time with your new baby.

If you consider these tips you'll be well on your way to giving your child the learning, love and time that they need to grow.

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