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From an Aunt to a Mom overnight

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Monday August 23rd 2015 mine and my Boyfriends life were put upside down in the matter of 12 hours. My Parents had Custody of both of my Nephews for 8 months and due to health reasoning they were no longer able to care for them. Instead of them being placed into "The System" we agreed to take the both of them, the day before their first day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade. Fast forward to today, 2017. One is now going into 2nd Grade and the other into 4th Grade, both with perfect attendance and Straight As. Being a 27-year old at the time to now turning 29 and having two of the most amazing Boys living with us definitely keeping us on our toes and my Calendar full.

Unfortunately both Boys were subjected to not so good things before they came to Florida in 2015. Since our 9-year old being diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and Chronic Childrens PTSD and our 6-year old also being diagnosed with ADHD and Chronic Childrens PTSD, rest assure it's been quite a journey we have had in the matter of almost 730 days. Between Neurologist Appointments, Primary Care visits, Home Counseling, School Counseling I can say has totally been worth it. I don't think a job like this is a job for anyone, you need the most strongest support from Family, Friends and Community and we were thankful enough to have that.

July 11th(Slurpee Day as we code it) will be another BIG DAY in our lives, we will be in front of the Judge asking approval for Adoption on both Boys who have touched our lives in so many loving ways. Though at the moment we are still doing our best to both pick up second jobs to help pay for the Attorney and Court Fees because we were told we no longer needed a case open with our State (Still confused about that). We want to give them the best life they should have been handed from the beginning. Am i absolutely exhausted, overwhelmed and just completely mind cluttered? You're absolutely right but I know in the end, its for OUR BOYS.

I hope whoever is going through the same experiences as we are should know to just keep fighting, God knew YOU could handle it.

Until Slurpee Day!

-Danielle "The Florida Fighter"

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