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Challenge: Kids and Technology

Find Technological Balance So Your Kids Can Grow This Summer

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Summer should always be a time of growth for your kids.

We're in an interesting time, where kids have more access to technology and convenience, which can either help and hurt. You can make sure technology is helpful to your child's development when you put it in its proper place this summer.

Create a summer of balance with technology, so that your child can enjoy time outdoors and socially, while still having some fun on their favorite devices.

Tackle the Summer Reading List and Mold Your Child Into a Voracious Reader

Chances are great that your child has a summer reading list to get through.

While teachers hope for these lists to be mandatory, the truth of the matter is that many kids gloss over the books and still get by. In many situations, teachers also end up not being able to dedicate much time to the summer reading discussions and assignments once the rigor of the school year sets in.

Regardless, you need to impress to your kids how important it is that they take the time to not just read all of the books on the list, but be able to discuss them and read for understanding.

There's so much growth available with reading, and the use of a tablet or other mobile device can make this a breeze. You can use the tablet to set page per day benchmarks and reading plans, which make it easier for your child to dive into their summer reading list.

They're also able to make notes and highlights, which will come in handy when they're tested on the books when school rolls back around. Most importantly, encourage your children to read books outside of their summer reading list as well.

Make a deal that they must add a book to read for fun or research in addition to the mandatory summer reading list books. You can also make an agreement that for every hour of fun on the tablet, they must also engage in an hour of reading.

Your child will go back to school an entirely different person with so much reading under their belt, and this will go a long way in developing the way that they think and communicate.

Make Time Outdoors Both Fun And Mandatory

You need to also help your child find some balance between time spent indoors enjoying technology and time outdoors moving their body and being social.

This is a matter that is worthwhile both for their development and health. If your child spends too much time indoors, they're far more likely to develop Vitamin D deficiency and obesity.

Signing your kids up for certain camps and activities will go a long way toward not only getting the outdoors and around other kids, but also adding some structure to their days.

Get the Kids Involved With Summer Upgrades

You never know what activity will pique your kid's interests. For instance, setting up a new surround sound system could spark creativity and interest in your child that they never knew they had.

Since summer is often a time of technological upgrades, make sure to keep your kids in the loop and let them help out in any way that they can. For instance, installing your new solar panel system can provide a lesson both in science and sustainability.

Take this time to pass down some lessons and also get some insight into your child's thoughts and emotions.

If you follow these tips, summer will be fulfilling, since you're drawing the right balance between technology and time away from it.

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