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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Do you know how to use postpartum belly wrap properly?

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Abdomen is the use of physical means to help abdomen with a belly, postpartum dedicated and non-postpartum dedicated. Postpartum dedicated to postpartum abdominal relaxation, to prevent visceral ptosis and design postpartum belly wrap, How to properly use the abdomen, to achieve the desired effect by yoyopostpartumgirdle . index-black-post-c-section-girdle-abdominal-compression-wrap-belt-for-tummy-after-delivery.jpg How to properly use the abdomen: Abdomen should be half an hour after meals every day, after urination wear, remove before going to bed. At the same time, take the belly Use, but also vary. Normal delivery of postpartum, should strengthen the exercise, often doing leg lift, sit-ups shipped Move and some postpartum exercises, but not long-term dependence on the abdomen. Postpartum caesarean section, stitches in the abdomen, it is not appropriate to use long-term abdomen. The body is too thin or visceral organ sagging symptoms, To be removed after the organ lift Tuina abdomen. There are many types of abdomen belts, elastic, panties, belt style, but the basic principles are the same Postpartum corset - Postpartum Shapewear,C Section Belly Band for Women , Are made of high-elastic rubber band, abdominal pressure by abdominal fat in a small range to maintain the body's curve. Belt-style abdomen with the main function is to abdomen, while the underwear-type there is the role of hip.

Caesarean section after the use of postpartum girdle Note:

Should not be supine: the role of anesthetic drugs disappeared after surgery, maternal wound pain, The supine position on the uterine contractions pain most sensitive, postpartum belly wrap should be taken to the lateral position, so that the body and the bed into a 20-30 degree angle, Will be quilts or blankets behind the back, to reduce the body movement of the incision vibration and pulling pain. 1.Not full Caesarean section after eating more food, will lead to abdominal distension, abdominal pressure increased, may not be recovered. Therefore, within 6 hours after surgery should be fasting, after gradually increase food intake. Cold cough can affect wound healing and, Severe cough can cause incision tear. Has been suffering from cold maternal medication should be promptly taken. 2.Should not be too tight: Maternity waist too tight, but also cause abdominal pressure increased. Therefore, when in use, we must pay special attention. Special circumstances: Caesarean section mum came out from the knife room, mostly lying in the rest of the state, If the mothers do not need special activities, medical staff will not ask Mommy at this time must use the corset belt. However, when Mummy wants to start turning over or get out of bed the next day, especially before getting out of bed for the first time, In order to avoid activities involving wounds, medical staff will help mom use corset what is 3 in 1 postpartum girdle belt . Not long-term use of abdomen: long-term use abdomen, will lead to poor blood, 3.Thus triggering lower extremity veins Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and so on. In addition, the postpartum corset too tight, but also cause increased abdominal pressure, so that support for genital ligament decreased, causing uterine prolapse, posterior uterine retroversion, Vaginal anterior wall or posterior wall bulging, and easy to induce pelvic venous congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases.

Doctor Tips, Cesarean section of the abdomen has a wound in the abdomen, can not be used immediately, this may lead to wound infection. After caesarean section generally have to wait until after the wound healing before use postpartum girdle. View more

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