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Crafting Ideas with Ballpoint Pens

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All of us use ballpoint pens every single day. We sign documents, write down recipes and phone numbers, but these pens can be used for many other things as well. You can actually use them to let your creativity flow and craft some interesting items which can be a nice decoration for your home or a perfect gift for a friend. Artline pens offer you the finest quality and can be easily used for projects like these. You do not have to be skilled craftsmen in order to make art using this type of pen. All you need is some effort and creativity. Here are a couple of projects you should definitely check out.

Pen Flower



Making a pen flower is a great project you can do with your children when in need of a nice gift. All you will need is an empty jar, a ballpoint pen, a silk flower, some stones and coloring paper. You should go outside and look for some beautiful stones you could use. Put all of the stones you can find in a jar that is going to serve as a flower vase. Remove the back of the pen and put the silk flower into it. Make sure you trim the flower so it can fit in the pen perfectly. Glue some green colouring paper around the pen to make it look like a real flower. You can also glue some colouring paper onto the jar and write down a beautiful quote on it.



Why not use your old ballpoint pens to store some new ones? It is a great way to recycle old pens and be creative as well. All you will need for this project are old pens, glue and some colouring paper. You should glue colouring paper around all of the used pens and then glue them together in a circular shape. It is up to you to choose whether you are going to use the same colour for all of the pens or you are going to mix. You can also cut some of the old pens in half and use them to make a bottom part of the penholder. The only thing left to do is to buy some new gel pens or markers and put them in your new penholder.

Christmas Tree Ornaments


If you are lacking Christmas tree ornaments there is no need to buy new ones. What you can do is make some out of your old pens. The first thing you should do is get some red colouring paper and glue it around your used pens. You can also add some glitter or tinsel to it if you want to make your Christmas tree shiny. The next thing you should do is draw a Santa Claus and cut out your drawing. You do not have to be too skilled in drawing in order to do this, just make sure you use a lot of red colour and cut out the drawing properly. Glue it onto the top of the pen and your new ornament is almost finished. The only thing left to do is attach a hanger clip to it so you can hang the ornament on your Christmas tree.

With so many projects like this you will never have to throw away your used pens. Keep looking for similar projects, and as you become more skilled you can move on to some more difficult ones. Still, do not forget to get a new set of pens as soon as you use all of the old ones.

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