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Convincing your parents to study abroad

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I know how much obstacles face with nowadays parents. Kids can manipulate their parents to achieve their goals. Here, I'm sharing tips from their perspective how your kids can manipulate you and how to reveal it. They can ask you to buy paper online for their studying, send them abroad for studying or holiday, buy a new car etc.

My older nephew opened her secret.

1. Act Smart And Intelligent

If you have been acting lazy, like the bones in your body are not complete, now is the time for a change. It will make your parents turn down the offer to let you study abroad because of fear of the unknown.

Do you see the angry look on your parents’ face when they call, and you don’t get there on time? Have you also noticed how disappointed they feel when you act dull? That’s what we are talking.


Start acting smart and intelligent and they will start showering praises on you. It will also give them the impression that you will always find your way and not need them around to instruct you before reacting.


2. Keep Good Company

Evil communication they say corrupt good manners. The type of friends you keep might hinder chances of your parents letting you studying abroad.

Most parents are too scared to let their children travel abroad for study, especially when they see them with bad friends all the time. They may be scared that you will run into bigger trouble since they will not be around to control you.


Keep good friends that even your parents also like and approve. Discard any friendship or association you know they do not approve. Always make sure your friends do not misbehave in front of your parents. Also, you and your friends should always be seen doing something meaningful like reading, doing some house chores or learning new skills and ways of doing things.

3. Manage Money And Time Well

If you are the type that receives pocket money and squanders it at once, you have to change that habit to make your study abroad possible. Also, do not bore your parents with too many demands, especially the little ones you can handle yourself. Handle some of those expenses on your own, so you don’t appear like a liability to them. If they know you manage money well, they won't hesitate to give you permission to study abroad.

Time management is also crucial. You must learn to manage time effectively otherwise your parents will doubt if you can achieve anything on your own generally without being reminded or forced.


Save money from the pocket money given to you. While you are waiting for the opportunity to study abroad or the right time for you to apply to a school, get yourself something that will fetch you money. Convincing your parents would not be difficult if they know you will take up some part time job at the school to help because studying abroad can be very expensive. For time management, set daily plan or list of the things you want to achieve and do them. You can involve your parents in your projects, just tell them what you want to achieve and let them watch you or hear you have reached your daily goals.

4. Paint Bigger Academic Picture

Your parents need to know how going to study abroad can affect your life positively. You have to make them understand how schooling abroad will expose you to different cultures, and that the facilities needed to acquire better skills are not in your local universities.

These are some of the pointers that can help you convince your parents. In fact, the list goes on and on. By using them, you will not only convince your parents to accept your decision to study abroad but gain their full financial backing as well.

So, if you had lost all hope and felt your parents will not accept your decision to study abroad, these tips should help you get the result you seek.

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