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Challenge: Life Changes

Conquering the post-pregnancy problem

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Just about everyone can agree with the statement that childbirth is one of the most difficult parts of life. The obvious reasoning behind that statement can be understood by talking to any woman that endured the nine-month process. I came face-to-face with the not so obvious reason a few months after the birth of my beautiful girl. The mirror showed me an absolute eye sore, which was the newly formed skin around my abdomen. I thought to myself something along the lines of "’s okay. All I have to do is eat a healthy diet and do some cardio." I was wrong because six months later the loose skin was still present. I eventually talked to a close friend of mine that showed me her flat stomach. She had one word to say, which was liposuction.


The "mummy tummy:" After not being able to lose the weight through diet and exercise I threw in the town and went to see a professional. The entire time I was thinking that it was my fault and the person would tell me to simply take better care of myself. However, I found out the skin that resides on a woman after pregnancy, diet, and exercise is actually a natural thing that is not her fault. I heard this and started to put two and two together. All women that had children always had a layer of fat over their abdomen. The only exception that I knew about was my friend that had the procedure. Additionally, I found out that there is an actual liposuction procedure that is used to specifically get rid of the so-called "mummy tummy".

"Just get it over with:" I looked into the procedure and found out that it was used very frequently, which made me feel very comfortable. I also enjoyed the precautionary measures that were taken before I had the procedure done. The nurses talked to me and made sure that I did not have a Jonah Hill type of problem in terms of diet and weight fluctuation. After that, the procedure begins. I expected it to be a huge ordeal that would be painful, but it was actually the complete opposite. The procedure is formatted perfectly for new moms. The actual procedure only lasts roughly one hour and you get to go spend time with your child that same day. The best part was the fact that I did not have to be put to sleep. I was able to see what the doctor was doing and even communicate with him throughout the procedure.

The way of the future: The day of the procedure I was at a loss for words. In just a little over an hour, my embarrassing problem was fixed. I was very pleased, but it got even better because as the days progressed the collagen in my stomach adapted, which made my stomach return to its natural lovely shape. After that, I was able to wear a bikini and feel comfortable in my own skin. I enjoyed myself, my friends enjoyed me more, and my husband was very pleased. It has been two years since the procedure and I have not had the skin return.

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