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Buying a Proper Mattress is Essential for Good Sleep

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Our mind and body needs good rest. In case, we overexert our body, our metabolism rate decreases, thereby forcing our brain to go on standby mode. Some of us feel that we can work the entire week and take rest on weekends. Well, if it is done once in a while then it’s acceptable, but if you are doing it frequently it can lead to various health issues. Lack of sleep can cause depression, diabetes, obesity and heart stroke.

When we sleep our mind goes in resting mode and is unable to monitor any audio or visual signals. That’s why we don’t remember anything that happened around us while we were sleeping. Lack of sleep is a serious issue, as it causes health problems.

Doctors recommend one-third of our life to be spent on sleeping, so mathematically it comes to about 8 hours a day. Now, these 8 hours should be devoted to sound sleep. There are many things that decide your sleep like your diet, stress, pain if any and also your mattress. If you don’t have a comfortable mattress, no matter how early you go to bed you’ll struggle the entire night.

Whenever we see anyone performing any task with less sleep, we start praising them. Unfortunately, sometimes we get so goal oriented that we forget that our body needs rest to start fresh all over again. Lack of sleep not only ruins your performance, but also takes a toll on your body, leading to death threatening diseases. is one of the best online resources on sleep related concerns. It can help you get good sleep despite all the hassles in your busy life. The information they share on their website is genuine, and it is uploaded on their website after complete verification. They also allow you to compare products offered by different brands and write reviews related to those, making it easier for readers to choose a good mattress for them.

Many people prefer their favorite position, so that they can sleep quickly. It might be surprising, but sleep positions matter a lot in our life. However, if you constantly stay in one position for a long time it can lead to injuries and pain.

Some of the sleeping positions can help you decide whether your position is good for your health or not -

  • Back position

  • Side position

  • Stomach position

  • Fetal position

Back position -

It’s the best position to prevent back pain. When you retire on your back, your head, neck and spine is in the neutral position, relaxing your body. The only drawback is that you start snoring. Your head should not prop much, so keep a sleek pillow below your head.

Side position -

This is another best position which is majorly recommended to pregnant women. However, since the face is always placed over the pillow, the chances of wrinkles increase. It is recommended to tuck pillow between legs to increase blood circulation. Moreover, if you constantly sleep on one side, it stops blood flow in your arm. Therefore, it is recommended to keep changing position.

Stomach position -

It is the worst position, so doctors don’t recommend it. In this position, you bury your face in the pillow, which doesn’t allow you to breathe properly. It also creates stress on your lower back and spine, which leads to pain in the morning. If you still carry on to sleep in such position then place a thin pillow beneath your head.

Fetal position -

It’s just like a baby sleeping in the womb. The person curls the back and bend the legs to a particular angle. This causes muscle pain and stiffness in the bones. For such positions, a special pillow is made, which can be suggested by your doctor.

No matter what position you take while sleeping, your body should feel comfortable. As discussed above, apart from position, pillows and mattresses also play a major role in giving comfort. Experts suggest that you lie on a mattress for at least 10 to 15 minutes before buying it.

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