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Boostability Reveals the Secret of Success in Business and Life

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Boostability is an Internet services company that recently appeared on the Inc 5000 list for the fourth year in a row. Sales growth, customer satisfaction, company culture and profitability all continue to improve. Clearly, the company is doing something right, but what, exactly, are they doing? And how can you benefit by adopting the same strategy in your work and personal life?

Jared Turner, Chief Technology Officer at Boostability, has written a blog post about the secret of their success, which can be summed up in the phrase, “Get Next Action.” If you own a business, have a job, are trying to run a household, or if you’re just doing your best to keep you nose above water, this concept could change your life.

We all feel overwhelmed at times. Most projects—in business or at home—consist of numerous steps, stages and processes. When we consider all of the components of any given project, we can easily give up before we even get started. Too many worthy goals are seemingly too big to accomplish. That’s where the Boostability success secret comes in. It breaks even the largest and most daunting undertaking into bite-size actions that are much easier to manage.

Turner explains, “We knew that each individual SEO action itself was simple: Add a meta tag. Fill out a profile. Create a link. It was when these actions stacked on top of each other that service became expensive and time consuming. But if we could reduce SEO down to short, simple actions, we believed that small business owners could actually complete those actions on their own.” This realization was built into Boostability’s DIY platform, enabling clients to concentrate on and accomplish one simple task at a time, immediately changing the customer experience. They even add a get-next-action button to the app interface, so there could be no question about what the next step in the larger process should be.

Paul Faust, SVP of Business Development at Ring Boost felt the same way; processes and technology could be much easier to use when customer experience was a primary goal. Ring Boost's number one priority is helping businesses increase conversions and customer experiences through the use of unique toll-free or local phone numbers.

Turner gives the reasons why this practice is so effective in business. Can these same concepts be applied in your business, job or home life?

1. It’s simple

“In the same way ‘get next action’ originally took the complexity out of SEO for our clients, it’s now making SEO even more intuitive for our teams at Boostability. Because of this, we can often prioritize hiring incredible, intelligent people without having to worry about their expertise in SEO. Even if a new employee comes through our doors with minimal knowledge on the subject, our get-next-action system gives them the support they need to do incredible work for clients.”

“Of course, with time, all of our employees become experts at what they do. And many of them take it a step further. They use their work with us as an opportunity to learn as much as they can about SEO and online marketing so they can better serve our clients and fulfill their own goals and aspirations.”

2. It’s efficient

"Most of us here at Boostability know ‘get next action’ as the big red button we click to receive our next task. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Before you ever hit the get-next-action button, an entire range of sophisticated functions have to occur to make sure the work’s delivered to you in the right order at the right time. To accomplish this, we focus a lot on efficiency by frontloading the more complex work. This means that the frameworks for our SEO campaigns are designed upfront before any work is done. Those frameworks include instructions on which tasks are to be completed and when, the sequence they’ll roll out in, the team that will complete them, and more.”

3. It gives our clients what they need

“The real marvel of our get-next-action system is that the efficiencies that allow us to service thousands of clients at once also make it possible to treat each client like an individual. This is by design. I like to describe our scalable-yet-personalized system as a freeway with many lanes moving at different speeds. We build our clients’ SEO strategies, lay their tasks out, and then set them on that freeway. But, to keep things personalized, we’ve made sure to design exits where their work can easily be paused, examined, and redesigned.

“During this process we can dialogue with the client, collect more information, and confer with our experts. Once the work’s better adjusted to the clients’ needs and preferences, it’s sent back on the freeway to continue progress. This is a simple way to describe a very complex process. But what it means is that we can produce quality and quantity in our work—two things usually at odds in SEO. But because of our highly efficient get-next-action system, we’re able to merge the two in a marriage that’s gotten tens of thousands of small businesses on the first page of Google and helped them reach their goals.”


Everyone feels overwhelmed by the complexities of life and the many demands on our time and resources. Maybe there’s a lot of truth in the anonymous quote, "Mile by mile it's a trial; yard by yard it's hard; but inch by inch it's a cinch."

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