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I know fathers day is next month so I wanted to share my story.

Hi, My name is Bob and like some of you I'm a dad. Here's my story (short and sweet version).
Not every day has been difficult. Like the day I met my wife and her 4 children. Raven 9, Odin 8, Dante 7, Eva 0. Yip, Heather was 4 months pregnant with our youngest when we met. We believe God brought us together. I know you've heard it before but we truly complete one another. Where I lack she fills the gap and vise versa. We even think alike now after 6 years together. There have been many fights as marriages have. Our's we think had more than others because well we are both bipolar and we were different people before or recent renewal of faith. We've never had a honeymoon; sure we have gotten away a couple times but the one time we tried to have a honeymoon I got food poisoning. Heather and I didnt have a first date until our third wedding anniversary.
Yes, it's been all about the kids. People said I was nuts for marrying somone with such baggage as they called it. I love being a dad it's the best job I have ever had. My wife and I are disabled and trying to make ends meet while furthering our education in hopes to be able to find employment that can co-operate with our disabilities. We home school our kids because in Illinois they have no budget, to many bomb threats for our nerves, poor school systems unless you live in certain parts of the state.
Like I said it's all about the kids. So this fathers day while I'm doing the daily grind my peace will be found where my heart is, with our kids. I love you gang!

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