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Best postpartum belly band use of caution? mother need to know it.

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First, natural production, caesarean mom should use the postpartum belly band ( ? belly wrap for abdominal binder after pregnancy postpartum girdle abdominal support after birth tummy wrap

The mode of production is the key to deciding whether a cerclage is necessary or not. The simplest method for c-section caesarean delivery involves the use of cerclage to avoid abdominal wounds and pain. As for the natural mom, you have to consider their own physical condition may be. Second, the type of banding: simple type, enhanced type, winding ... ...

There are various types of corsairs belly band, can be divided into simple type, enhanced two categories. The former to use two devil blankets fixed design is the most common, the latter generally plus 1 to 2 plus additional band. In addition the traditional elders to use or confinement center to provide a long strip of wound quick-drying belts, but also a certain use of ethnic groups. Today's corset belt innovation, each advertised different additional features, but generally not off these few 30% off shopping abdominal belt after delivery . Third, the function of the bandage: Although the choice of beam waistband, but strictly speaking, it is only one of the most important function, that is, fixed wound, and the proposed use of caesarean mummy. Reasons include:

1, fixed wounds, activities are less restricted

Caesarean section after the knife is finished, there will be a wound on the abdomen, before the wound has not healed, it will inevitably be some pain, movement, if carelessly involved in the wound, the pain will aggravate, so Mommy even more afraid to get out of bed Activities, and the use of cerclage belt can be fixed wounds, to avoid activity when the rectus abdominis has been expanding, resulting in wound pain or involvement, is conducive to wound healing. Plus Mummy in the postoperative if there is no other discomfort, get out of bed earlier is beneficial to the body to recover, so the doctor will recommend caesarean section after caesarean surgery can be used corset, mother in the pain is not so strong, relatively less exclusion Bed activity.

2, to avoid inflammation of the lungs postpartum belly band

Mommy must accept uric acid at the time of surgery, and sometimes postoperative tracheal secretions will increase, if Mommy can not sputum timely cough, may cause fever, inflammation of the lungs, delay the body function to reply. However, because Mommy sputum when it is quite easy to involve the wound and feel pain, so doctors will suggest mommy first postoperative cerclage and then sputum, relieve pain, smooth cough in order to shorten the recovery time .

At this juncture, the cerclage has been a postpartum recommendation for caesarean delivery. Usually after the mother has finished the knife and before bed activity, the paramedics will assist the mom to use the corset belt and then teach Mommy how to use cheap yoyo postpartum body shapers .

Fourth, natural vs caesarean section big difference

It can be seen from the foregoing that the cerclage belt is suitable for the maternal woman undergoing surgery to achieve the effect of fixing the wound and relieving the pain. Standing obstetrics and gynecology point of view, the natural producer of wounds located in the perineum, without the above problems, of course, there is no need to deliberately use the postpartum belly band and where to buy cheap postpartum girdle .

Nevertheless, the proportion of natural abdomen using corset belts is still very high, the reason may be affected by the mother-in-law and some of the specious of the concept of influence:

Mummy said: After using the cerclage, the condition of the ptosis seems less obvious, and the method is not that the cerclage with the pelvic cavity to help prevent the displacement of the viscera?

The doctor said: Pregnancy production process, will inevitably make pelvic and pelvic muscle groups, ligaments are oppressed, pulled in the pelvis, fascia, ligament recovery elastic tension, maternal prone to falling feeling. At this time the maternal use of corset belt, although not so obvious sense of falling, activities more convenient, but the lower abdomen will not disappear.

As advertised to follow the ancient law, to prevent visceral displacement, recovery of the size of the pelvis wound wound corset, due to pregnancy, the production of pelvic damage is inevitable, after all, postpartum physiological conditions and can not be compared before birth, corset The role of the band This is a fixed wound, whether by cerclage back prenatal look right to business.

Mommy said: After using the cerclage, it seems thinner faster(here to shop it)?

The doctor said: Many mom think the use of cerclage, eating a certain amount will stop because of feeling bloating, if the diet control, relatively easy to lose weight. Linzi Yin said that the use of corset belt will reduce the chance of eating too much, but Mommy postpartum want to restore the power of the figure, the most effective way to be allowed to body conditions, choose the appropriate exercise, just rely on corset belt I'm afraid limited.

Natural mom use small caution

Obstetricians and gynecologists are not intentionally forbidden if they want to use a cerclage belt in principle. But nowadays there is a school of medicine that mistakes natural production and excessive use of cerclage may increase the chances of pelvic organ prolapse . The reason is that when the abdomen is straddled, the abdominal pressure can only go down, and when coughing or exerting pressure, the relative pressure in the body increases, but more likely to cause uterine prolapse or prevent other organs from returning to their original positions. Qiu Siyuan said that natural mom if you want to use the corset belt, but also note the following:

1. natural mom use cerclage, mainly by this part of the body drooping upward care, so pay special attention to the direction and usage of corset belly, especially the use of wrap around the cords, no direct To tie it up, and to comply with the bottom up, from tight to loose winding ways to reduce the possibility of pelvic organ sagging. 2. As the natural production of wounds concentrated in the genitals, cerclage without deliberately tight, daily use of time is not too long, so as not to affect the quality of life does not say, but also because of the wrong use of the rash. When you go to bed at night, it is best to pick up the fast belly and wait until the daytime when you want to get out of bed. Place it in the lower abdomen where you want to pull up.

Five, tied with doubt all the answers

It's easy to fasten your belt, but if you want to make your belly belt really work, there's a lot to be said about it. The following specifically for Mummy common problems to answer:

【Preparation To Prepare】

Q postpartum must be prepared corset postpartum belly band ?

A Caesarean section A wound is left on the abdomen. In order to avoid the activity involving the wound, causing pain and affecting the healing of the wound, it is recommended that the mom use a cerclage belt. Usually, the antenatal care staff will remind the mom to prepare. Natural wounds in the perineum, the use of corset belt is of little significance, but if Mummy to use, the physician will not force objection.

Q Which kind of corset belt is better?

A basically as long as the wound can really be fixed, the type of cerclage, additional features why there is not much difference, but rather the length of the cerclage may affect the effectiveness of the use of convenience, please Mommy more attention.

In general, enhanced corsare belt width are mostly the same, mainly in the length of the different specifications, in general, the body can be used for a shorter type of thinner, the body is more partial longer style. Some Bulletin boards did not take into account the weight, body shape changes, early purchase corset belt, the results used to find not too much is too small, but cause inconvenience to use. In order to grasp the exact size, it is recommended Mummy may wish to postpartum, or surgery the day before, please buy their families.

Function articles

Q natural abdomen with belly belt can be thin waist?

A natural mom use the cerclage belt, since the corset of the waist and abdomen can pull together, so the whole body curve will be more slim, but Mommy if you just want to hold the lower abdomen, on the Immediately reduce the effect of abdomen, it can be a big mistake.

A balloon is distracted and enlarged, but because of the loss of its elasticity, the same is true of the abdomen. Linzi Yin said that there are many abdominal rectus abdominis position, if relatively strong rectus abdominis, the abdomen will be relatively tight, flat, and let the rectus abdominis restore flexibility, in addition to exercise not to think. For postpartum Mommy, the thin abdomen is not easy, the one for pelvic organs, ligaments, fascia back to its original position, elastic tension, this will take some time; second, only by burning fat, Strengthen the muscles, in order to achieve the purpose of weight-loss, but also Mommy to be patient, to develop a suitable exercise program now!


Q Can I start using the corset?

A Mummy's production in accordance with the respective proposed start of use time:

Caesarean section Caesarean section mum came out from the knife room, mostly lying in a resting state, if the mothers do not have special activities, medical staff will not ask Mommy at this time must use the corset belt. But when Mommy wants to start turning over,

Or the next day to get out of bed, especially before the first bed, in order to avoid activities related to the wound, medical staff will help mom use the corset belt.

Based on the hope that a caesarean mom can cough up sputum in the next day and encourage mum to get out of bed and other factors, mommy will generally be advised to start using the corset belt on the first day after surgery. The mom with cerclage, pain relief to a certain extent, with the degree is also better.

Natural production

For mums and natural obstetricians, obstetricians and gynecologists generally do not recommend the use of corset belts, but today the proportion of women who use corsets is still high. Natural mommy need to use the corset corset, after all, is different from the caesarean section, there is no particular proposal of when to start using, just before the beam during the day can be.

In addition, the introduction of the market for the shackles of the body sculpting, natural mom is best to wear when the wound does not hurt to wear, so as not to aggravate the discomfort.

Q How long should I use my corset?

A corset belt main function is to avoid the mother involved in the activities of the wound, so the mommy caesarean awake when the best can use the corset belt, but if there is no demand for special activities, it is not impossible. Mummy on the meal, sleep should not be used, the experts suggest the following:

OFF sleeping time

Usually when people go to sleep, the more will not move around, so Mommy cousin can be relieved before going to bed. Of course, if my mother also wants to use OK, but the body tight corset inevitably affect the quality of sleep, mom can decide their own situation.

IN meal time

Bunch corsets for dinner, Mommy most feel uncomfortable, but also in the flatulence, gastrointestinal motility poor, such as tied with a belt, may cause flatulence aggravate. But because caesarean section on caesarean section, as long as the awake may not care about the wound, so if possible, eat or try to continue to use. How long a day should be used, in fact, it is difficult to have a standard answer, but also consider personal habits, physical condition. For example, when the weather is cold, my mother is more willing to use the waistband. However, once you enter the summer, you may feel uncomfortable with a little bunching. Naturally, your wishes will be drastically reduced.

As for natural mommy, available for eating, can not, many mothers use the reason, nothing more than to reduce the effect of appetite. To remind her mother, weight loss is not a bad idea, but during confinement, should strive to nutritionally balanced, soup or water food intake or more, so as to have enough milk Oh! Q corset belt when to use ?

A C-section mommy corset belt when the use of the end to see the recovery of the wound situation, if Mommy get out of bed activity freely, no pain and other discomfort can be considered to stop using. Qi Siyuan said. Mommy postpartum more than 1 month, the pain is less obvious, but the wound to be completely healed, about six months or so, Mommy can be with the body recovery, and gradually adjust the use of time during the daytime activities. There is no such restriction on natural products.

Corset length of time and the use of slimming is not necessarily related to Mommy do not have to rely on the idea of ​​slimming corset. Postpartum recovery is the best time to be within three months after delivery, if Mummy can gradually regain the slim figure during this period, it is considered a good recovery, but if not until six months after delivery did not improve, then may To work harder. Mummy wound recovery, the appropriate exercise is absolutely necessary, then with diet control, healthy weight loss is not difficult!

Usage Guide

Q Which people do not fit the belt?

Where the choice of caesarean section, unless the maternal body on the cerclage material allergy, or particularly prone to the use of corset long rash, the doctor will advise mum to use cerclage. As for the natural producers, if the feeling of postpartum drop is very serious, it is best not to continue using the cerclage to avoid worsening the situation and possibly even causing uterine prolapse.

Q rash how to do?

A clinic found that mum because of the use of cerclage and rash about a few reasons:

1. Contact friction: Due to improper use of mommy, or corset design itself, making Mommy activity, the corset continued to rub the skin, leading to rash. Cases of rash occurred in the edge of the cerclage, cerclage suture.

2. Allergy: maternal self-cerclage material allergy, the skin is common for a whole piece of rash.

3. Cleaning related: cerclage without regular use after cleaning, may form a health concern. However, some mums directly to the corset dropped washing machine washing, crouching belts may lead to deformation, greatly reduced the effectiveness, and the impact of touch.

4. Other: non-pure contact dermatitis belong to it.

The use of cerclage and rash cases quite a lot, which in turn use the wrong way, resulting in cerclage friction skin is the most common, while the use of too long is also a major problem. Linzi Yin said maternal this easy to sweat, and folk custom always require Mommy can not use electric fans, air conditioners, etc., in the case of sweat more than a long time, such as the use of corsets for a long time or the wrong way, will increase the long Rash probability. Usually doctors will open a steroid, itching, antihistamine medication, Mummy, if any other doubt, but also ask dermatologists for further confirmation of the diagnosis.

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