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Best Family Cars in 2015

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The year 2015 is behind us, but that’s what makes it easier to present this list to you. We have named the best family cars for you. At least those that were the best in 2015. While creating this list things taken into account were safety, fuel efficiency, and most of all family needs. The focus of this cars is on the people who have parenting as their first job. So, here it is:

Chevrolet Suburban


When you think about family vehicles, Chevy Suburban probably won’t cross your mind. But, this SUV has a lot of room inside, both for passengers and for baby things and groceries. It has seating space for nine people, and cargo room of 40 cubic feet. Even the largest of families would easily fit into this one. Additionally, third-row seats can be folded ( more space) and at the back, there is more room under the cargo floor.

MSRP: $46,300

Honda Odyssey


Odyssey is not the only one minivan on this list, but it's one of the best. This vehicle is created with a family on its mind. It has incorporated vacuum cleaner if you have kids that always create a mess. At the back, you have an entertainment system that is on par with the best of cinemas. Honda Odyssey is the epitome of a household car. To further praise this car, it now can accommodate three booster seats.

MSRP: $33,000

Honda CR-V


The CR-V compact SUV made it on the list for one simple reason. With a large family, most of your incomes are concentrated on it. That’s why is important to have a fuel efficient vehicle. Honda CR-V is just that. It needs one gallon on 27 miles of city drive, and on a same number of gallons, it crosses 34 miles on a highway. Also, it is full of new upgrades, luxury details; and it comes at a fair price. The room doesn’t lack too. No wonder that CR-V is the best selling SUV in past decade.

MSRP: $23,320

Acura MDX


You thought that soccer moms couldn't drive a luxury car. Wrong! Equipped for seven people, with some family-friendly feats, and easy access to the third row this car fits the description of a family wagon. The exterior tweaks such as jewel-eyes just add to its quality. If you opt for Advance Package, you get split-screen display so the kids can watch different movies.

MSRP: $43,000

Subaru Outback


If you, and your children, are adventure lovers here’s your SUV. Outback is equipped with AWD, X-Mode for better traction, and Hill Descent Control. Every off-roader dream. With a cargo capacity of 150 pounds and roof crossbars, you can pack your entire house. Also, it has fair numbers when fuel efficiency is in question.

MSRP: $24,895

Buick Encore


Many people are of the opinion that Buick Encore is too small to be considered a family car. But this compact SUV has space for five ( small household), and it doesn’t lack any comfort or luxury. Also, moms are going to love this; it's easy to park. Another notable feat is noise-canceling technology which reduces outside sounds. Good thing if you have kids screaming on the back seats.

MSRP: $25,000

Honda Accord


There are not many sedans on this list, but Honda Accord is one of them. It’s reliable, it has a ton of excellent standard features, and it almost doesn’t lose its value. Also, for maximizing fuel efficiency, it offers a hybrid version.

MSRP: $23,000

Mazda Mazda6


The Mazda 6 has best driving dynamics among all the car we mentioned. And none of it comes at the price of comfort. It’s roomier than most sedans, it has enough space bot inside and in the cargo area, excellent engine choices, and one more thing. The features that come as standard in this sedan are segment-leading and one of the best in the world for years now. And, if you read the news, 2018 Mazda 6 is one of the greatest cars coming our way.

MSRP: $22,800

Toyota Sienna


Back to the minivans. Toyota Sienna was recently redesigned, but even before that, it was one of the best in the segment. It was tweaked from both outside and inside. With more appealing design now comes more space. Inside of Sienna, you can stuff anything you want. Soccer gear, strollers, tents, camping equipment, you name it, it fits. Another thing is safety which was improved with four child-safety-seat LATCH points and the Driver Easy Speak function. If you have doubts at what minivan to choose let’s mention that Sienna is only one of those that comes with an all-wheel-drive system.

MSRP: $30,000

Honda HR-V


HR-V is an almost all-new model on the market, but it has attracted a lot of attention. Room for five, attractive exterior, Honda’s Magic Seats which allow different seating configurations are just some of its virtues. The versatility of Honda HR-V makes it ideal for work, everyday drive, weekend vehicle, and what is most important here a family car. And if there are fans of Honda Fit among you, you will love the HR-V. They share a lot of components just the SUV comes in a bigger package.

MSRP: $20,400

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