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Bedroom hacks for more convenience and space for you and the kids

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I bet nothing makes you happier than to see that warm glow on your child’s face paired with a grateful smile that melts your heart, especially when it’s coming just after you’ve transformed his little space into a fairy tale Disney kid-dom that he simply can’t get enough of.

Here’s how to create the magic with IKEA ingenious furniture hacks not just for the kiddies bedroom, but also for you and your partner.

With a touch of creativity and effort, the most unexpected IKEA furniture piece can be turned into something else entirely. Take for example this IKEA Västerön stool being transformed into a storage basket, with nothing but some twine and paint.
In this article, we’ll be looking at suggestions from and other sources to discover some of the most effective IKEA bedroom hacks currently doing the rounds. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with some bright ideas on original spins that you can add to any of the IKEA furniture, home décor or other accessories you have at home, to make your bedroom a more comfortable abode.

Turn the wooden slats from a small bed to a stylish rack

Take the wooden slats from a child’s bed to create a versatile rack/wall organiser. This particular hack is great for bedrooms short on space when finding a home for knickknacks, keys, glasses and similar small items. You can hang baskets from the slats to create holding spaces for items that can’t be hung independently.
Bedroom aside, the slat hack can be implemented in the bathroom or kitchen for hanging utensils, towels, grooming kit and the like. See Ich Designer to see how to complete this hack.

Turn your IKEA Tarva nightstand into a place for your electronics

Usually, nightstands only perform a few simple roles in our lives: hold a glass of water, some books etc. Basically, it serves as an easy-to-reach table top with drawers. However, with this IKEA Tarva nightstand hack, you can make your nightstand more tech-friendly, as it will be optimised for easy plugging of a variety of devices (normally used in bed), ranging from tablets to laptops.

Give your kids easier access to books with an IKEA Spice Rack

Normally, spice racks belong in the kitchen, but this hack shows you how to turn a Bekväm spice rack into a clever little shelf that kids can easily reach. This hack is meant for the bedroom of toddlers who have a flair for reading and want constant access to their favourite books. You can find out more details about how to implement this hack on Home Edit.
Inspire the artistic side of your kids with this Latt table hack

Many children’s bedrooms feature an IKEA Latt table, but a good number fail to make the most of this furnishing. With this hack, you can turn a Latt table into an art table, personalising it by adding features such as acrylic holders (for art supplies) and a paper roll holder.

Check out Freckles Chick for more on this hack.
Get something comfortable for the foot of your bed, with an IKEA coffee table
For comfortable seating at the foot of your bed, you can transform an IKEA coffee table into a lovely upholstered bench.

If you want something more versatile at the foot of your bed, you can install an IKEA bench or cabinet. This way, not only will you have somewhere to sit, but also a convenient place to store items. The extra storage space can certainly help declutter your bedroom.

Make your child’s bedroom more fun with a mobile play table

If your child is complaining about a lack of playroom, why not give them something unique by crafting an interesting and sleek train table. This table can be created when re-designing a LACK shelf or a KALLAX shelf, by adding a door and casters. The table provides ample space on top for a number of games, as well as several compartments where a child can easily put all of their toys. This hack will make a bedroom more fun and also neater. Find out more about the train table on IKEA Hackers.
Make your bed more attractive by sprucing up a plain IKEA headboard

You can make your bed more attractive by updating the headboard with a wood slat makeover. It’s a fairly simple procedure that involves the use of some peel-and-stick pieces of wood. Check out Sugar & Cloth for more details on this hack.
Create more storage space by turning your bed into a platform bed

This hack can be performed in any room, be it for kids or adults. It simply involves turning IKEA storage cabinets into platforms by placing a bed on top of them. This way, the bed will have a range of usable cabinets underneath which can be used to store a variety of items, ranging from clothes to accessories. This hack is most beneficial for rooms with limited space. You can find out more about implementing this hack on Apartment Therapy.
Get more space for your shoes with IKEA Expedite Shelving

Instead of littering your bedroom with shoes or tossing them under the bed, you can convert an IKEA Expedite Shelf into a neat and attractive shoe shelf, able to contain several shoes at a time. If more shoe space is required, you can simply stack one Expedite shelf on top of the other. Check out IKEA Hackers for more info.
Turn an IKEA step stool into a precious plant stand

To add freshness to your bedroom, you can introduce some potted plants. Opt for succulents or leafy plants, depending on how much maintenance you are prepared to cover and the type of look you are after. The IKEA stool itself can be repainted or you could install new IKEA furniture legs to upgrade its appearance. Legheads are currently offering giveaways on a variety of different coloured furniture legs, which makes this a great opportunity for you to get a bargain unique plant stand for your bedroom.
Turn an IKEA spice rack into a bedside shelf

The spice rack can be a great addition to an adult’s room, as well as a child’s. It can be reinvented to serve as a bedside shelf for items such as your glasses or a bible. The real benefit is that it takes up no floor space and can be reached easily. Visit Apartment Therapy to see how this hack works.
Get more storage space and a table top for your jewellery and accessories with a campaign dresser

You can convert an IKEA Malm into a campaign dresser, with multiple drawers that can serve a variety of purposes. By the time you fully implement this hack by following the instructions provided by Homey Oh My, you won’t recognize your old IKEA Malm anymore.

Put together a clothing storage unit that houses everything

When your home isn’t large enough for a walk-in closet, IKEA can still make everything right. By putting together an IKEA RAST dresser with two bookshelves, you can craft a fully-functional closet that’s capable of taking both folded and hung clothes, as well as shoes, bags and accessories. With some black paint (or other colour of your choice), you can turn the entire piece into an effective and stylish-looking furnishing, as well as one that’s capable of sprucing up the appearance of your bedroom.

Visit Homemade by Carmona to find out more about how to put this hack together effectively.
Use an EKBY Alex Shelf as your dressing table for more room space and unique style
Instead of a cluttered bedroom space becoming even more crowded, you can combine the EKBY Alex Shelf with a comfortable stool for a quaint and convenient dressing table, capable of containing all your make-up. The EKBY Alex Shelf doesn’t require table legs, which in turn frees up a lot of floor space. If you choose, you can attach faux legs to give the shelf a more dressing table-like appearance. You can also use Legheads replacement IKEA furniture legs to achieve a more distinct style.

Create more usable storage space in the bathroom

Your bathroom is an extension of your bedroom, and that convenience - especially concerning space - can be updated with a couple of IKEA hacks.

For bathrooms that are on the cramped side, the option for creating more space often involves a complete and expensive remodelling, but with IKEA, all that’s needed is a bit of creativity. More usable space can easily be created in the bathroom by applying any of the two following hacks:

Firstly, more counter space can be created by simply installing a slim shelf in the form of an IKEA floating picture ledge. This can be installed above the sink to create a comfortable space for storing toothbrushes and other small apparatus.
The second hack involves making use of the space beneath your sink by installing an IKEA Vanity. However, this hack won’t be possible if you have a pedestal sink in place. This is because the pedestal takes up the space where the vanity ought to be. The installed vanity can deliver a surprising amount of storage space for a variety of bathroom items, such as towels and toiletries. Aside from functionality, the vanity also delivers a distinct look to a bathroom. More concerning implementing this hack can be found on Golden Sycamore.

Turn your IKEA cabinets into comfortable window seats

With this hack, you can create more places to sit in the bedroom that doubles up as storage space. By arranging the seats window-side, you have a place to either relax and enjoy the view outside or enjoy the refreshing breeze, whilst reading a book. To execute this hack, you’ll need some IKEA cabinets which positioned underneath the window, combined into a single piece of furniture. To make this window-side seat / storage compartment more comfortable, add cushions on top for a little luxury. Visit Centsational Style for more on this hack.

Make a fun loft-bed for your kids

A good bed isn’t just about comfort, but also offers welcoming aesthetics that will make anyone want to jump right in. With this hack, you can create a bed that your children won’t only want to sleep in, but also stay in. You can accomplish this by turning a KURA Loft Bed into a cosy little wooden house. This bed hack will provide a single location where your kids can enjoy naptime, as well as playtime. Check out IKEA Hackers to discover how to properly pull this off.
All these unique IKEA hacks can deliver an impressive upgrade to a bedroom. Don’t limit yourself however, as there are several more available to match a variety of preferences on Legheads IKEA Furniture Hacks and other sources dedicated to making the most out of IKEA products. Take advantage of reasonably priced décor from IKEA and apply the above tips to put your own spin on it.

If there’s an IKEA hack you’ve come up with yourself, that’s not on this list, please share with me in the ‘Comments’ section so we can learn from your genius.

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