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Beauty Trends for Busy Mothers in 2017

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Women are always looking for new lifestyle trends. They desire to remain in shape and have influence around them. However, lifestyle for professional ladies has remained a challenge for a long time. Most women in the corporate world always find it hard to strike a balance between professionalism and being trendy. The following are some of the lifestyle trends for busy women in 2017.

Infrared saunas are the new trend gaining popularity in wellness community. The saunas use a different form of heat wave that hospitals have used for a long time in rehab and keeping premature babies warm. Infrared saunas are actually cooler than the traditional saunas and can reach around 140 degrees Fahrenheit – the traditional saunas reach around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating system also provides some other benefits including soothed joints and muscles, powerful detoxification and deep relaxation.

30-minute sauna spa sessions are turning popular in most big cities. Most business women are relying on them for detox and reaping benefits of workouts. Women will get into spas for instant energy shifts more open heart and glowing skin. The spas are ideal for women of all fitness levels.

The old staples such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and Botox are still topping the charts. New trends such as dermal fillers and Brazilian butt lift are making a name for themselves. As the field of cosmetic surgery continues to improve and evolve, more unique procedures are likely to crop up.
Kybella is very common among business women today. It burst into beauty world some years ago and gained popularity instantly among individuals who wished to forget about their double chin.


The procedure typically involves a strong substance that a surgeon injects into the jawline and neck to target and eliminates any stubborn fats below the chin. Surgical liposuction was a solution in the past, but Kybella is offering a non-invasive solution. Kybella related treatments increased by around 78% in the year 2016.

Cosmetic eye color surgery is the other trend in 2017 and people who desire eyes of different color are going for it. You can get the blue eyes you desire. How? To provide you with different eye color, a surgeon will place an intraocular in the anterior chamber of your eye to change the appearance of your iris.

Still, in the plastic surgery world, fat grafting is common among women looking for fuller buttocks, breasts, face and other parts of their body. Another popular procedure is Vaser liposuction. Here’s a patient review of a procedure done by a Cosmos Clinic surgeon. The procedure starts by examining the patient’s body for optimum fat cells sections for harvest.

They then extract those cells using tumescent liposuction and purify the cells. Finally, they transplant the cells back to the particular problem areas and shape them perfectly according to the patient’s wish. Most women like the safety of the procedure.

Since the paleo diet, keto cookbooks, podcasts, and Instagram accounts are popping up each day. Plant-based diets are still a love of most people, but high-fat, low sugar diets neurological benefits intrigues most people. Application of keto diet has been high since 1920s for curing epilepsy. The primary goal of the diets is to train the body to rely on fat for fuel instead of glucose. Most leading medicine doctors have endorsed the diet, which is also gaining popularity among athletes. Women are using it to shed the maximum weight.

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